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There’s so much in a mobile phone nowadays and so much available to the manufacturers to put in, yet I still can’t find what I want…in a mobile phone.

I’m definitely close with my Orange SPV E200, it’s a nice Windows Mobile device and gives me the essentials I’m looking for, but it’s not enough.

There are three devices I use that I want to combine into one. The mobile phone, the PDA and the Internet connected computer.

Since I switched to the SPV I’ve essentially cut out the PDA, although it still has two functions I can’t quite get rid of. One is to synchronise my PC at work with the PC at home and onto the SPV at home. The other is to store all my passwords securely in one application. So let’s be fair, if I get a non-USB connection then my SPV can synchronise directly with my Outlook at work and if I download and install the right application then I can store my passwords on a Windows Mobile enabled device like the SPV. So that would be the PDA taken care of.

The computer connected to the Internet is a bit tougher. I’m now writing lots more than I ever have and I need to read my RSS aggregator, Bloglines for anyone who’s asking. Then there’s the absolute ton of email I receive daily, most of which is a glance and delete, but some of which needs a response. So I’m not quite there yet.

So what would I really like in my mobile device? What are the actual features I’d be looking for? Well, let me tell you.

  • Making calls cheaply
  • Contacts synchronising fully with Outlook, or Opera\Firefox
  • Diary synching fully with Outlook, or Opera \ Firefox
  • Task list synchronising fully with Outlook or Opera \ Firefox
  • Fully encrypted password database application backed up during synchronisation
  • Speakerphone
  • Voice activated dialing
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • GPRS or cheaper data connection
  • Vibrating alert
  • Predictive text that learns as you type a new word or straight spell check
  • Alarm function
  • SMS
  • Long life battery
  • Password lock facility on both power on and screensaver
  • Cheaper Internet browsing
  • Ability to install a browser other than IE
  • Email connectivity – POP mailbox handling and again, cheaply
  • Multiple email accounts to pull from different POP accounts
  • Folder and rule system for email
  • A useable keyboard for typing – the swivel keypad as on the Siemens SK65
  • Ability to install some blogging software, such as w.bloggar
  • Not too bulky

Not that much to ask is it?

I’ve certainly considered Blackberry, but that’s more a corporate tool than a private one. Interestingly in an older Ericsson T39m had the ability to download email via WAP, which turned out to be a much cheaper option that GPRS, and I’ve never seen that since. Regardless, deciding the actual method of downloading the email content is a difficult, which one is worthwhile for the amount of data, and which is cheapest?

The SK65 looks like it’s almost perfect with its list of features and superb styling keyboard. It’s just getting hold of it.

How about replacing the phone with a PDA that can make calls? An iPAQ perhaps? I did look at that, but it’s a bulky solution, but maybe that’s the only option.

You know something though? In a phone I’m not looking for a camera. Just because the manufacturers have saturated the marketplace with phones with cameras attached does not mean I, the customer, actually wants one.

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  1. Lee Reply

    Just been talking about this with Richard over the weekend, given Deborah is after a new phone. Preferably with Bluetooth (she loves my new Motorola HS850 headset) but categorically NO CAMERA.

    Mission impossible…

    Anyway, my list is so much shorter than Richards’s, but all mine are up there.

    * Speakerphone

    * Voice activated dialing

    * Bluetooth

    * GPRS or cheaper data connection

    * Vibrating alert

    * Alarm function

    * SMS

    * Long life battery

    * Password lock facility on both power on and screensaver

    My first Nokia brick on Orange had the SIM PIN protected, not just on power-on but at any time with Menu-0. That meant incoming calls were OK, but the phone had to be unlocked (by entering the PIN) before making an outgoing call. Best was, it was designed to be used by kids when going out, memory location 49 could be called with the SIM locked, so parents could give the kid the mobile to ring home for a lift.

    But then mobiles became toys, and look what heppened. Take them away from the kids is what I say. They are neither toys nor a necessity for a 7 year old.

  2. The Grumpy Hacker Reply

    I don’t think we’ll get all the Internet PC features we want in a mobile phone for a long while due to at least two major things: one, the average human hand makes phones larger than a certain girth due to screen and/or keyboard awkward and undesirable; and two, the Web and most PC applications and file types aren’t designed with less than 640×480 resolution in mind, if that small. Btw, I just wrote a short comparison of two PIM mobile phones I’ve used: http://thegrumpyhacker.blogspot.com/2005/06/blackberry-7100g-vs-nokia-6800.html

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