Daredevil Born Again

I have a large collection of comics from when I was younger, some good, some bad, and some really unique. My favourites by far were X-Men and Daredevil. Since then I’ve moved to graphic novels and collections rather than buying comic after comic you can get a really strong story and much longer, and quite frankly waiting a week between story updates would kill me nowadays.

With that move to graphic novels I really began following Batman more than anyone and I lost touch with both the X-Men and Daredevil. The movie peaked my interest again, but quickly killed it. It totally destroyed the character for me and I left him for dead. Then I was given this novel from a friend for helping them rebuild their PC.

I wasn’t disappointed to find Daredevil again, and not when the story is by the wonderful Frank Miller who is a complete legend and one of the best writers in comics and graphic novels right now.

The story sees Matt Murdock’s life slowly pulled apart by the Kingpin, Daredevils arch enemy, when he finds out his secret identity. Piece by piece Kingpin pulls apart the threads of his life, leaving our hero with nothing. Yet the Kingpin isn’t finished with him…

It’s brilliantly written and well visualised, you really get a sense of the pain that Murdock is living through when his life is bottomed out, and the anger and torment that Kingpin suffers through the mere mention of his name. It’s an excellent tale of rebirth for the character, and of retribution. There are also a few surprises in store during the closing section, but I’ll keep quiet about them and let you read it for yourselves.

I found I couldn’t put this down until I’d discovered what was going to happen to Murdock and Kingpin, and I wasn’t left feeling short changed. It’s a gripping tale with superb styling, and has brought me back to Daredevil with a bang. For me it’s done to Daredevil what The Dark Knight Returns has done for Batman.

Daredevil Born Again – Frank Miller

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