Movie Blog downtime

Bad news, The Movie Blog is down again. The hosting company – I use that term loosely – has suspended the account due to overuse of Server processing time. It seems that our comments.cgi script was eating away at their system.

So they’ve brought us offline again and John has been galvanised into moving to WordPress and at the same time sorting out the hosting.

With that, please bear with us. He’s off to try and recover everything, get WordPress up and running and get the site running on basics. Tuesday night is Audio Edition night, and Wednesday is try and get all the bells and whistles going.

Updates as they happen. Please bear with us and apologies for any inconvenience…we’ll be back.

Update: 28/06/2005 We’ve taken WordPress down and we’re going to reinstate MovableType as was. Once it’s going we’ll work on the setup of WordPress to migrate over and hopefully make it pretty seamless.

That didn’t go too well. We’ve got almost the entire system back, but we’re getting errors on rebuild. More later.

2 comments on “Movie Blog downtime”

  1. Simone Reply

    You know what this means right? An invasion! LOL

    I hold thy breath. 😉

  2. Donna A. Reply

    I was wondering what was going on. Well good luck guys.

    Donna A.

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