My greatest deed

We were out for a cycle today, and looking to find the easiest possible ruote to my soon to be new place of work. It was gorgeous, although cloudy it was hot, even the breeze was warm, and we did a nice round twenty four miles. It took us quite a way along the canal and it reminded me of some of the times when I used to cycle along there on a regular basis, and a time when I think I did my greatest deed.

Some three or four years ago I was cycling along the canal on another scorching day. There are always lot’s of people about and you really need to be careful and go slowly giving them time to move to the side. Along with the people there are also swans and dogs wandering about, so you need to make sure you keep your eye on them, either can go for you or change direction and run in front of you.

So I was taking it easy and being very aware of any animals walking around. Up ahead I noticed two ladies walking with a small black haired terrier wandering some three or four feet behind. As I started to get closer I noticed it nip into the bushes on the left, not a great thing since that was the side of the canal. As I got alongside I saw the poor dog stuck in the water, trying desperately to clamber back up the embankment, the poor thing was panicking like mad.

I looked up, as I got off my bike, and the two ladies were still walking away ahead. A fellow cyclist slowed and passed as I got off the bike and said that the dog’s fallen in the water and can’t get out.

Strangely I expected some form of assistance, but they cycled on past. So as soon as I got off the bike I leant over and began to pull the poor dog out of the water. He struggled to being with, obviously worried what I was up to, but I managed to pull him up and onto the canal path and he was off like a shot running towards the ladies.

I got back on the bike and began cycling onwards as the dog shook itself a few times and ran over to its owners for some comfort. They were none the wiser, and as I passed I let them know that their dog had fallen in. I never said anything else, never told them what I had done, and I was off, cycling on.

I remember at the time that I had a great feeling, that I’d actually done something really good and didn’t even say anything about it. Then I totally forgot about it until today.

Looking back on it I do see it as one of the best things about my life, some might think it’s only a dog, but living with my parents who always had dogs, I realise that they are much more than animals. They really do become a part of the family. So I do think that most dog owners feel the same, and I pulled him out of the water. It’s a good feeling, and I like to think not for selfish reasons.

I wonder where that dog is now…

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