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When my friend and I ventured out for a few drinks one evening our hunger took the better of us and we decided we really needed something filling, since we were walking down Hanover Street at the time, Italian it was. That, for those of you who don’t know, is because there are masses of them in one street. He chose the Patio, and I followed on.

I was surprised when we walked into this place, it doesn’t look that much and seems a lot like some of the inferior Italian restaurants around the same area. Let’s face it, after being to Centotre it’s hard to compare other Italians.

However my first big surprise was when the owner arrived and read out the specials. There was more food on that list than there was on the usual menu. He sped read something like fifteen specials and left you reeling. Luckily he had a shorthand written list for us to have a bit of a longer peruse through. I plumped for the anchovies on garlic toast, and the steak to follow.

The anchovies were excellent, not the small and dark specimens you often see that are over salty. These were long, thick and paler, covering a huge piece of toasted garlic bread. Gorgeous. They weren’t as salty and strong as often they can be.

The steak was a shock and a half, it was huge, not just in width or length alone but in depth too. It was a huge chunk of beef. Yet it was still beautifully cooked and remained quite red in the centre. Served with a lovely peppered sauce and potatoes, it was an entire feast and neither of us could attempt a pudding. That is unusual for us!

The decor is disappointing it does give a seriously misleading impression, stick with it and delight in the specials. An excellent meal.

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  1. DG Reply

    We ate at The Patio, Hanover St, Edinburgh on Saturday.

    A strange long, thin restaurant interior, and a décor that was in need of a serious makeover some years ago, but didn’t get it.

    We waited too long for drinks, and finally the order to be taken.

    Having waited, we asked twice for an update on when our food would arrive. Especially when others were arriving after us, and getting their food quickly.

    Finally … the garlic bread was disappointingly simply sliced crusty bread with thinly spread oiling butter – and no hint of garlic.

    My pizza (specially ordered as extra hot version of their special “The Patio Pizza”) … was so perfectly round, with a perfectly rounded crust, that it looked suspiciously like frozen dough … drowned in over the top mozzarella, and little else – very disappointing!

    My wife ordered the “special giant prawns” in pasta. She commented that they were cold and over cooked.

    We both only managed to eat half of the main course, and were disappointed. We are not fussy, but when it can be cooked better at home, its not right! In the same way as when asked, if the food is good, say so, when its not, the restaurant should be keen to get feedback, and then learn from it.

    So it was with great surprise when we got the reaction to our minor feedback.

    We asked for the manageress. I explained briefly that I felt the pizza was not the best, and that my wife was disappointed by cold, rubbery, over cooked.

    Her immediate reaction?

    “I know your types. If you don’t like it … F#@£ OFF! Get out!”

    My wife responded, that she couldn’t believe the response to basic feedback. The manager repeat the blunt four letter response, nearly shouting by now.

    We left the middle of restaurant in total shock that any owner could react in such an amazing way to feedback, to a customer who clearly had had a bad experience.

    We left, to reflect on what just happened.

    The next morning, my wife was extremely unwell, and we nearly missed the flight home due to her up set tummy … On getting home on Sunday afternoon she was straight to bed, and that evening was physically and violently sick. Today, Tuesday she is back to normal … but off pasta and prawns – and rude restaurant owners.

    You have been warned!

  2. Richard Brunton Reply

    Wow, well my last visit was some time ago, but that is surprising, and if that’s the type of response you receive I wonder if it’s wise for us to return for our Xmas meal this year!

    Just to let you know, you should try and complain as soon as you realise there is a problem rather than after the meal – I’m not blaming you at all, I’m just saying it might get you a slightly better response next time. That response you received is truly unacceptable.

    As for the illness, here’s what my Father (Environmental Health all his working life) would say. Get a stool sample, and if you think that the food was dodgy at the time, try and keep a sample of that. Then contact your Environmental Health and explain the situation. They can take the samples, analyse them and take that to the restaurant. They can even prosecute and in extreme circumstances have premises closed.

    Sorry to hear that your wife wasn’t well though. Hope she’s recovered and that you realise there are better restaurants in Edinburgh!

  3. Anonymous Reply


    It was night to forget, and to not forget, if you see what I mean!

    Either way – Edinburgh was great, and we’ll be back … The Dining Room scored very highly in our view.


  4. Richard Brunton Reply

    Well the good news is that our Xmas night out was cancelled from the Patio, partly on the strength of your comments. So they’ve lost an Xmas night out for 12.

  5. Bill Downie Reply

    Having been a customer of The Patio for around thirty years, I find the comment of November 21 quite surprising. We have never had a bad meal there and always had a friendly reception.Many other diners are obviously regulars, and it can sometimes be difficult to get a table at weekends–even if you are a regular.Considering how many restaurants in the capital dont even last one year, The Patio must have done a few things right in its time to have lasted as long as it has done!

  6. Francis Keenan Reply

    I visit The Patio often – it is always excellent and outstanding value for money, with a warm welcome, and generous portions of quality food.

    To the previous comment about the loss of a Christmas booking – the place is booked out every night in December, and I understand they could fill the restaurant 5 times over ! They have been at the same location now for 30 years, so they must be doing something right!

    For value, service, and good food, you can’t beat The Patio in Edinburgh – FrancisK.

  7. helen Sinclair Reply

    I have always had beautiful meals at The Patio,and always been shown nothing but kindness,many many happy memories off the team at Patio especially Ginno and Jimmy

  8. Lynda Marr Reply

    I have visited the Patio on two occasions and both times I had a beautiful meal, excellent service and a very friendly welcome. On my 2nd visit I was very surprised that the owner remembered me from my last visit! On that day it was raining very heavily and when my friend arrived she was soaked through – the waiter went and got her a towel to dry her hair, which I thought was very thoughtful and considerate. I would visit the Patio any time before I would go to any other Italian in Edinburgh – it is the best.

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