The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book 2

This was quite a disapointment for me, having read the first series and being so taken in by the band of strange characters. I really did expect a lot from this, more of the Alan Moore magic. Yet it didn’t deliver.

For me there are a couple of major flaws. Quatermass is portrayed as all too weak and powerless, Mina reveals none of her powers, Hyde stays in Jekyl form throughout the book and missing the whole struggle of his personality and just being a monster, and Griffen is just, well, invisible. My point is that there’s no real expansion of the characters other than some exposition on Mina and showing a slightly more caring side of Jekyl.

Then there’s the storyline. It’s based on H. G. Wells War of the Worlds and although there are a couple of excellent twists on the known story both at the beginning and end of the story, ultimately there’s nothing for the League to do. They watch, and slowly, fall apart.

It’s here that I feel lies the real need for this series, to disband the League, and although this is done effectively there’s just nothing for them to do. They wait, discuss, visit more locations, and then split.

It almost feels like this is a vehicle to end the storyline. They had written the first with an incredibly strong lead into a second series but didn’t really want to do it, and there we have our novel.

Not the best of Moore’s work.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen book 2 – Alan Moore

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