I’ve been with Webfusion for a little while now. A company who, now I come to think of it, I can’t actually remember why I chose them. Perhaps it was convenience as my Domain Registrar 123reg was their sister company, but price was involved as I remember the cost against offering for the year was pretty good.

However since then I’ve not had much contact with them other than two issues.

  1. A missing PHP module.

    I desperately needed this one so I could run a system called Blacklist which enables automatic blocking and removal of comment spam posted onto the Movable Type blogging system. The problem is that there is a lot, if your Blog starts getting widely read then automatic spam posters manage to get hold of your site address and start posting, there are some other precautions you can take, but nothing to really stop it without Blacklist. Without blacklist you have to manually approve every comment, and get emailed every spam comment before manually deleting it.

    No matter how much I explained that without this system I could potentially be swamped with spam and my Server processing time could increase to levels over the allowed limits, they wouldn’t install the much needed module. If I don’t install Blacklist, and my site increases in traffic, I’ll get hit by spam, the more spam, the more processing time. If I went over the processing time my site would be suspended, and they couldn’t install a single PHP module across all the Servers. Does anyone else see the idiocy of the situation?

  2. Missing forwarded emails from 123reg.

    A problem appeared with my 123reg accounts which were no longer forwarding email from my domain names to my mail account on Webfusion. That’s still not resolved and seemingly something they don’t understand. For me as the customer I have my domain names and hosting on the same companies, sister or not. They share the same parent company and the same support area. I don’t understand the problem.

Despite these issues my site has been live since the outset without any downtime, well not noticeable by me anyway.Access, speed, etc hasn’t been an issue.

The online control supplied provides full control of the account, including an easily accessible webmail system, even through work firewall systems! It also provides a host of additional code and mini web applications.

The failing for me has been the support. It hasn’t provided me with a completely satisfactory solution to any of my problems to date. They also appear to have no way of tracking the problems. When I receive email questions from the support team I’ve found that you get a different person each time and they delete the email history on every response. I found myself having to repeat my problem and various answers I’d given them over again.

However, to be fair and equal the end service they’ve provided has been very good to date, with no downtime it’s not exactly a failure, just a need to tidy up the customer care offering.

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