Computer failure!

Damn computers! Sometime ago I had the misfortune to be distracted while I was powering down my PC and in a rush to head out the door and I powered off before Windows had finished saving my profile data…that was my profile corrupted. So ensued a lengthy recovery and a decision to backup everything.

The day after I found the CD to operate the USB DVD Drive I was going to use for the backup, not only did The Movie Blog site go down, but my Hard Drive decided not to work anymore, and I mean hardware wise decided not to work. Not even access onto it as a slave drive. Coincidence? I hope so, otherwise someone down there is trying to burn my feet.

So I basically lost everything. I’ve spent the last week or so building the new system and downloading all the updates for Windows and Office – that’s no mean feat I’ll tell you – and then sourcing, downloading and installing all my old software. I’m nearly finished. I’m waiting for some none too helpful advice from Norton (more on that later) and that should be my final install, at this point just about everything is running as expected again, just a hell of a lot faster!

I’ve now got email back again too, so for those of you who sent me email and I haven’t replied, there’s your answer. It’s all gone. All I saved were Contacts, Calendar, MP3’s, Movies and my Photography, everything else went and believe me that’s a hell of a lot gone. It gives me a huge feeling of dread when I actually think of how much has gone…no matter, I’ll get it all back eventually.

The backup will be done this weekend, without fail.

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  1. Richard Reply

    I’m not sure about IMAP, I know that with my POP it sits there waiting for me to collect on the Server which means any problems with my local PC and the mail is still there.

    With the MovieBlog though I’ve seen the problem of changing hosts and loosing the email that remains on the previous hosts system during transfer.

    However loosing my local PC I can just connect up again and download new mail.

    Does IMAP store all your old mail?

  2. Dave Morrow Reply

    imap is server based storage for all mail (with just local cache). Folders and mail (old and new) always resides on the server. I find it handy accessing all mail + folders from many different locations. And if one PC dies then I’m unaffected.

  3. Richard Reply

    Okay, I got you, just like webmail. Well there’s something I don’t like about someone else having my email. Plus there’s the space issue, you should have seen how much I kept!

  4. Richard Reply

    Actually I just realised that you can use POP3 just the same way as an IMAP system.

    On your client for downloading mail you just select to leave the messages on the Server and only delete them after either a period of days or when you delete them on the local client. That way they will be retained on the POP Server.

    Using that and the webmail I get with my hosting company I’m replicating that IMAP functionality.

  5. Dave Morrow Reply

    Seems like a lot of hassle for something that is simple and already exists. If you do that then you simply get a copy of the email left on the server – not full IMAP functionality. IMAP email on the server is not a copy – so you can check sent mail from any PC or device, managed any email folder (not just inbox), set status flags on email with one PC and it is retained on others etc. (Think about Outlook in the bank – MS’s exchange is like IMAP)

    If you are happy leaving a copy on the server with tweaked POP3 then why not get the extra functionality with IMAP? Although each to their own Rich 😉 You say white and I’ll say black 🙂 Just trying to spread the love!!

  6. Richard Reply

    Well yeah, it is fudging it, but it works to a degree. I see where the IMAP gives you more though. Gmail sounds a good inbetween.

    The main reason I can’t do this right now is my hoster doesn’t offer me IMAP. Although I am looking right now to change, so I might just get some of that if I choose Martin’s suggested hosting package.

  7. Lee Reply

    If you haven’t got gmail yet and want it just let me know, I haven’t used any of my invitations up yet (sign-up is still by invitation only)

  8. Richard Reply

    It’s okay Lee, thanks for the offer. I have a Gmail account that never gets used.

    Also with Webattention I have IMAP, although I can’t see the uses for myself really. Back to POP for me.

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