I’m back!…Almost

You wouldn’t have realised most likely, but I’ve been away. I’ve moved hosts…well…twice. The first move was a complete disaster and the second move was really pretty good. That’s where I’m at now and I’ve nothing but praise for them. Reviews will follow, but here’s the gist.

I was attracted by some huge packages at Dreamhost which were just too good to be true, and I signed up and began the move. After over 48 hours I realised something was up. My subdomains weren’t behaving as subdomains should, my webmail was on and off (and more off than on) and I still couldn’t download my email.

I launched a support request. Eighteen and a half hours later I had enough and sent a cancellation request. The cancellation was online for a further seven hours before there was a response. So that means in total, a full twenty five and a half hours passed before my support requests were looked at! All that time with no email or website.

In the forums I was told that this was quite an acceptable time! Not for me thanks, I like to receive a good customer service when I pay for something, indeed I almost expect more when I’m a brand new customer.

So it was off to the second choice for me, Webattention. They were more expensive for what they were offering, and it’s way less than the crazy offers from Dreamhost, but they aren’t below average on their space and bandwidth deals. Plus there’s a lot of extras included, and the pre-sales guys were answering questions within the hour.

I signed up and here I am, listen to this for comparison. One hour for website and email redirection to work, as well as webmail, and consistently. A mere twelve hours to allow me to download email. Fantastic. Now I had a couple of minor glitches with getting the site back, one was with the subdomains and that was fixed by support reading my forums message within forty minutes, the other is with PHP includes and is taking a little longer…but not over a day! You can see the problem with the missing modules on the right.

I’ll get to reviewing Dreamhost soon, and after a little longer I’ll pop one up for Webattention. So far though, I’d thoroughly recommend them.

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