Day Five, Screenings One

This day started off really badly by missing the screening of La Moustache. I somehow wrote the start time down incorrectly on my calendar, which then copied to my Palm, phone and work calendar…so it was wrong everywhere. There I was at 09:20 for the 09:00 screening.

The gentleman on the door (who incidentally knows my name now!) asked if I wanted to go in late, but that’s a definite no for me. How could I review a film I’ve missed part of? Anyway, I really don’t like missing the trailers on a normal cinema trip, never mind the actual movie!

So I nipped across to the Press Centre to check the Serenity showing times and get online and write some stories. Great it was open this early on a Sunday, bad the Internet access was down again and they didn’t know if it would be back again today. What a terrible service they are getting on those few PC’s. They would have been better supplying a wireless connection for anyone to connect to with their own PC’s, or ensuring they had free support for all the time that the centre was open.

There has been a feeling of the event being rushed together, and it reminded me of something Paul said, it was actually the Slovenia Film Festival that paid for him to come to Scotland because they had taken him across to present there and arranged flights via Edinburgh. The longest running Film Festival in the world didn’t help him any this year, a film maker that sold his own flat to finance his movie!

I did explain that this could be due to the last minute securing of a new sponsor after Nokia dropped out so suddenly. It’s a shame because I think so much more could be done here to make it more accessible both online and offline, I mean the people are doing an amazing job already, but it could be made even bigger and better to attract more people, and more Press.

However, I’m new here, seeing movies for free and getting to review them for two huge Internet movie sites, how can I possible complain?

So here I am sitting outside Cineworld waiting for the midday showing of Serenity – it’s 11am by the way, I’m keen!

I know that the previous showing finishes at 10:45, so I’m going to try and get in early again. I’m struggling to keep from trying now! In fact I might just do that…more later.

Okay, I’m in. I had to hang about for a bit and someone else did turn up so I didn’t feel quite the loser I looked. Still I ended up getting ticket number one for receipt of my mobile.

While waiting I met a couple of guys who are travelling around all the Film Festivals making a documentary about Festivals and all that goes on at them. Sounds an interesting way to see them all, however they said driving around and living in their camper van wasn’t so much fun! Still, five Festivals already. That’s got to be good.

So here I am, and for me this is one of the biggest moments of the Festival, sorry Richard E. Grant, sorry to Martin too, he’s a big fan of Serenity and didn’t get any tickets. Okay, I’ll calm down and relax.

Talking of calming down there’s a row of staff from the Cineworld sitting behind me excited as hell, seems one of them is having a birthday today and has just been given every DVD ever made of Futurama as well as a DVD player…lucky man. They’ve just had the weirdest and funniest conversation.

They started talking about the Superman movies and who was in which one, like which one the woman turned into a robot, or Pryor stole the one cents, or Superman turned bad, or…and then Nicky pipes up, she interrupts the conversation about to say something, there’s a pause and she says…Oh no, that’s Rocky. Then sits back down. The row is quiet for a moment and then erupts into laughter, along with a few of the Press in front of them.

Then the conversation moves onto the Lassie movie and one of their friends is involved in the movie that’s filming right now, one of the girls, it might have been Nicky again, pipes up…Is she playing the Dog?. More laughter.

I can’t possibly tell you their joke about the ring sweets they were eating…disgusting! It all reminded me though, I have to visit that cinema and see about getting on their Press list for normal releases.

So then Serenity began, and I shall say no more other than check out the review. Home. Writing. Sleep.

2 comments on “Day Five, Screenings One”

  1. Stevie Reply

    Well chuffed that we ended up in your blog! Party rings yay, hehe.

    Love the staff of cineworld!!!

  2. Richard Reply

    Finally! I thought that this was going to go unnoticed forever. Great cinema the Cineworld…just that I get all my tickets from another cinema…which reminds me I must pop in and have a chat with your Manager. 🙂

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