Day Four, Screenings One

What an easy day this was in comparison to those before. With one movie kicking off at 09:30 I would have the afternoon free to meet Paul, have some time with my girlfriend so she didn’t call the Police when I walked in the front door, and some writing time.

Radiant was the second painful experience I had of the festival. However this was a bit more difficult as both the writer and editor were at the Press screening to answer questions afterwards.

People left, and left early…not only that but one of them was quite a well known critic that appears on BBC2 from time to time in the UK. That actually impressed me though, I previously viewed him as an IC (Institutionalised Critic) who would have loved this movie.

Still I had committed my time to the movie, so I sat and watched it, and watched it all. Plus it was free, and it’s a privilege to be watching movies and writing about them for people. So I kept going until the very protracted ending. Then everyone was up like a flash and shot off, I’m not sure if anyone did stay for the Q&A, I hope so.

Then the regular theme of missing Paul continued. I caught him on his way to A Conversation with George Romero, an event which I had thought about but I needed to spend some weekend time with my girlfriend. So I agreed to call after he would be done and before his evening viewing. Once again though, we missed each other, and when he called later I was in another movie!

It’s a real shame because he’s an engaging chap who’s amazingly down to earth and good company. Now, as I write this before my next movie on day five, I know he’s heading off home. However I do hope that we keep in contact, and that he sets off on his next movie journey really soon. Oh, and with a shameless plug, go and see his movie P somewhere, anywhere, find it and watch it.

The afternoon of two to three hours of writing, some guitar playing out in the sun on the grass, a few beers and some much needed sleep was superb. A good time away to rest my eyes!

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