Day Six, Screenings One

Another not so good day, because of all the writing I had to do and feeling a little swamped I didn’t go to the Serenity press conference and photocall, something I bitterly regretted afterwards. That would have been my first of both ever, I guess part of me chickened out at the whole thing as well.

Still, not a big deal as I was off to see Green Street in the evening as a member of the public.

I wasn’t happy about the organisation for the ticket holders, we were all made to queue well outside the cinema, standing around with no idea of what was going on and when the movie would be starting. We were kept there while the red carpet event went on outside and the stars were brought into the cinema.

Surely we could either have been seated first or the stars brought into the cinema alongside the queue? How cool would that be, a roped off section and the cast walking alongside the queue of people who have paid tickets for their movie? That would be really good, they would be able to talk to people about to see the film, and people who have paid over the normal ticket price would have a close up moment before the movie.

All this queueing just meant I wasn’t allowed in to go to the toilet and had to race off into the bowling centre to use their toilets. That and picking a seat was a nightmare, a queue of people behind eager to get in and you’re trying to look round to find a good seat. It felt like I was a herded sheep. Never mind, we sat near the centre but the second last row in the cinema. That meant I couldn’t see any of their faces during the Q&A, but we saw all of the huge movie screen in Cineworld screen 7.

During the Q&A we were surprised at how lovey they all were with each other. It was interesting though, the Director and Elijah Wood both saying that they were more scared of fists than of guns, even though gun crime in the US was way more than the level of violence and fighting you saw in the movie was over here.

It was also the first time we had a chance to use the voting slips for the Standard Life Awards. My, they couldn’t have made it more complicated with less instructive instructions! Do you tear off the strip corresponding to how you like the movie, or tear off everything up to the strip that indicates it? We had no idea, I did one, and my girlfriend did the other!

For those of you who don’t know the voting slip has four or five words printed on the edge at one end. One after the other in bars of different colours. So you were supposed to tear them off and indicate your preference of the film. If you knew how to, there seemed to be loads of people just as confused as we were!

So that was it, another quiet day for me at the Festival, writing was the order of the day, but we saw another good film and this time one I paid for!

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