Half filled sandwiches

You know what I hate, apart from the other fifty million things, I’ll tell you, half filled sandwiches. I’ve just picked up my Tuna Mayonnaise Tesco Finest sandwich and bitten into it, sure there’s a circle of tuna in the middle, but there’s nothing at the edge!

I really do hate that, surely that comes under false advertising? Can’t they either just make round sandwiches (those would be buns) and fill them to the edge, or actually cover the entire bread with the filling? I mean it’s Tuna Mayonnaise for god’s sake, not as if it’s dear to produce either, the filling is already pushed to the limit with water filled mayonnaise so it costs next to nothing.

Actually I’m a bit harsh, there are pieces of salad that reach to the ends of the sandwich. Still, I’d rather pay more and get a sandwich that is more than bread and lettuce at the ends. So much for Finest eh?

Here’s my tip. Don’t buy a boxed sandwich, always go for ones in see through packaging, and before you choose it turn it round and look at the back. You’ll see 90% of them are nothing but two pieces of bread at the back.

4 comments on “Half filled sandwiches”

  1. Louise Reply

    I hate that. The other one I notice is that one half of your sandwich has more filling than the other half

  2. Simone Reply

    Have you tried their Peking Duck wrap Rich? It’s quite generous. If I were you go for a M&S sandwich, a bit more pricey but very generous of their filling!

  3. Shedboy Reply

    Guess thats what happens when its minimum wage trolls who’ll be manning the production line.

    One tip i’ll give you, never buy the pasta salads from M&S, i’ve seen what can go into them!

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