Open Water

This was a bit of a disappointment of a movie, I’d heard a lot about this movie and the tense and unique storyline so I was keen to see it. Low budget, exciting and dramatic I was told. Not so when I watched it.

The biggest issue I found was the total lack of connection with the two characters in the movie, you don’t really care what happens to them. You really want to feel a connection almost instantly, but nothing happened in the opening scenes in order to make that connection and get you involved with them. The actors work better together in the water than they do in the opening scenes, the scenes where you are supposed to be making your connection.

Another problem during the movie is the moment of realisation that they are stranded in the middle of the ocean. It’s the characters that make this realisation and not you as the audience. You are being shown everything as it happens and you know they’ve been stranded before they do. There is no moment of realisation, for the audience this is missing and it’s largely due to the lack of connection with the characters and the way the story is developed for us, we see everything as it happens, it’s no surprise.

We’re also treated to some frustratingly bad decisions by the couple and it does a great job of annoying the audience, frankly I didn’t find it was in a positive way for the movie either. They seemed like the kind of decisions from bad horror movies, “I’ll just climb the loft ladder into this darkened loft alone, you all stay down there in the basement.”

There were a number of threats and moments that were either underplayed or just not effective, and combined together they did bring down the effectiveness of the movie.

I also felt a lot of confusion at the end of the movie. Was this what happened? How much is guess work? How much is fiction and non-fiction? The mix in feel of the movie from documentary to thriller styles didn’t really help that much, at some points it seemed a little like a docu-drama, and then back to thriller. Some knowledge of how much was true could have helped raise the suspense.

Overall, it didn’t work well for me, and I found it a good attempt but lacking in suspense and surprise, two elements which were vital to this kind of story.

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