Figured out Lost?

Just yesterday, as we sat and watched Lost a flash of inspiration came to me. I think I’ve figured it out.

My girlfriend asked what I thought, and she asked a lot, so I told her. Surprisingly she agreed, and after the episode finished we were both really convinced.

I’m not going to give it away, and there is the huge chance I’m wrong of course, but right now it really does look like it could be the whole premise behind the show. If not, it really should be because it’s a great idea! In fact…I wonder what other event I could use to bring a huge bunch of people like this together.

I do hope I’m wrong, then if the climactic episode arrives I’ll be surprised.

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  1. Dave Morrow Reply

    Go on then squire. Whats you theory? (email me if you reckon it could be a spoiler). Although I’ve seen the first season I’ll not send you any spoilers back.

    On a slightly unrealted note – did you watch 24 season 4 (I think you said you got it taped)?

  2. Patrick Hadfield Reply

    Reading this some time after the post, I’m intrigued at what point you think you got it sussed.

    Personally, I haven’t got a clue what is going on. Just a bunch of guys trying to work out what’s going on… A metaphor for life perhaps?

    My own view is that the island represents a nightmare – generating people’s fears (hence the polar bear, the torture and so on). Just like the planet in the original “Solaris”.

  3. Richard Brunton Reply

    Oooh…well I guess I should say. Okay, avoid reading any further if you don’t want to find out what may (or may not) be big spoilers for the whole run of Lost series.

    *** SPOILERS ***

    They are all dead and living in purgatory. Someone has died already, and I can’t remember who it was but it did happen after they apparently sorted out something with their past life. Everything is flashbacks to the problems and mistakes of their life. Perhaps as they sort out their past and make amends they are free to pass on.

    Then again…perhaps that’s all rubbish and it is a Government experiment…or a massive cult who managed to down a plane exactly where they needed it in order to get hold of the baby.

    I like the purgatory idea though, oh and I thought about it on the third or fourth episode!

  4. Ron Oyston Reply

    Interesting theory, I went through a couple of different options, but landed on the idea that it was a reality game show (although at an extreme level) think “The Truman Show”. I’ve heard it’s not a supernatural outcome.

  5. Dom Dunc Reply

    Nice idea Richard. I thought about that as an idea for the plot behind the original Cube film. And, like Cube, I’m betting we’ll never know and it will be left up to each viewer to interpret it in their own way.

  6. Patrick Hadfield Reply

    Given that I belive they are already working on series 2, 3, …n – could they carry it off if there is no resolution?

    But then – if there is resolution, how do they get to series 2 …?

    Perhaps a fleet of 757s careering off course…

  7. Richard Brunton Reply

    There’s enough material for seven series according to the writers…so it may well be a long time before anything gets resolved.

    However with the cast demanding more money, and the Studio not willing, they are thinking of making a movie to make some money, that probably means cutting out one series anyway. Or tying it off before dropping them all.

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