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From the walk by this looks like a relaxed but up-market restaurant, with wooden tables in a larger than average courtyard surrounded by a wooden framework covered by two retractable cloth roofs and fold down clear fabric walls. Luckily on our first visit the walls were up and the first roof section was retracted, allowing for a great outdoor feel but still protected from some of the cool evening. Another added advantage for this restaurant in Puerto Pollenca this year were the tall standing paraffin lamps circling around the courtyard, keeping the unusual amount of mosquito’s away from us and our food!

Update: 21/11/2006

On our return we discovered that much of what we had loved about this restaurant was gone, and so the rating has been moved from its previous four stars to a mere one star. Head down the full article for the explanation.

Another great feature of any restaurant is an open kitchen, and although you can’t see the whole kitchen you can watch the Pizza maker at work, particularly interesting if you’ve just ordered one of the excellent pizzas from the menu.

That’s exactly what I did on both our visits. The first was eating outside and enjoying the atmosphere, the second we moved inside and ate earlier in the evening. Both nights we were attended to by attentive, efficient and polite staff and enjoyed some wonderful food.

Nacho’s and cheese

Omelette with wild mushrooms

Deep fried Mozzarella sticks

Italian cheese with tomatoes and onions


All All of the starers were good, but not exceptional, and we were washing these down with a bottle of the house white and house red. The red was very nice, something I’ve been noticing at the other local restaurants.

We also had some lovely olives with bread and a very strong garlic butter. Lovely but when I say strong I mean really strong!

Main courses were much better than the starters.

Calzone with hot pepperoni

Wasabi Pizza

Gnocchi and tomato sauce


Main courses

Everyone agrees that these courses were utterly delicious. The Gnocchi was described as the lightest and fluffiest that they had ever tasted.

For me the Calzone was superb. None of this huge air inflated rubbish from Edinburgh’s “Italian” restaurants , but flat with toppings over the calzone as well as inside, it was gorgeous to eat and not too heavy. On the second visit I had the spicy Wasabe Pizza, and that was equally as gorgeous, typically thin and without wads of grease dripping through it.

Despite all this food we managed to force ourselves onto suites. When the menu arrived the waiter was only too happy to reel off what the “Guru Surprise” was on the menu.

“You can’t do that, it’s not a surprise anymore!” as I stuck my fingers in my ears and started la-la-ing! That had him laughing and when the suites came out I covered my eyes and waited for the plate to be laid down in front of me. “Oh, it’s the cheesecake! What a surprise!” The waiter was having a good laugh at us by now.


Poached Pears


They were all gorgeous and to wash it down some free spirit mixed with petrol and food dye! Just what you needed. Then some lovely coffee, some brandy, and an achingly full stomach.

The presentation of the food fitted with a posh Edinburgh restaurant, but here the portions were also of a decent size. For the suites the plates were extra large and drizzled with fruit sauce and dark and white chocolate sauce…yum!

Overall this is an excellent place to eat. Great setting, good atmosphere, friendly service and the food was excellent. Thoroughly recommended.

Update: Second visit

When we arrived the restaurant was quite busy, but there were several good tables still left, however we were placed right underneath one of the main lights of the courtyard and so we, and the table, were illuminated like a lighthouse. The atmosphere was dead from this moment on.

Initially we were given a small portion of pickled vegetables to nibble on, may I point out that whenever you have these put on your table immediately tell the waiter no thank you if you aren’t wanting to pay for them. We kept them and during eating realised that these were far from their best. In fact they were pretty awful to eat.

The pizzas, which were one of the best things about this restaurant were totally off the menu, and by that I mean they weren’t printed on the menu. Not that they were off for the week. So this was another big blow to the meal. I can’t even remember what we ended up eating, but I think they were two pretty small and bland portions of pasta.

The worst disappointment was the service. Despite me recognising faces from last time we ate there, the staff seemed totally different and disinterested. They were hovering over a large table of twelve, so much so that we weren’t even asked if we wanted desserts, coffee or an after dinner drink.

Quite frankly the entire experience was awful and I doubt we’ll ever go back.

4 comments on “Guru – Puerto Pollensa”

  1. hayley Reply

    hiya, can you tell me how lively Puerto Pollensa is, as i am taking my two daughters who are 17, i am wanting to know if it will be their cup of tea

  2. Richard Reply

    Hi there Hayley. It certainly wasn’t clubs and pubs where I went. Let me check with my girlfriend who has been there a few times in the past and see what she says.

  3. Richard's girlfriend Reply

    Hi Hayley – Peurto Pollensa is quieter than the likes of Magaluf so from a safety and peace of mind perspective for your 17 year old daughters I’d say Peurto Pollensa is a good bet. We were there during the quieter season, in October, but there are plenty of restaraunts, cafes and bars to go to and lots of hotels with entertainment included. Peurto Pollensa has more of a family feel but there seems to be plenty to do…water activities, trips and shopping. The beaches are good and easy to get to. Hope that helps…I’d favour the north of the island over the south – even though you get a little bitmore chance of rain!!

  4. Simone Reply

    Rich, I am visiting Edinburgh in April and will be staying at the Travelodge close to the city, where is this restaurant at so my friend and I can try it?

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