Music video remixes…by “normal” people

I wasn’t going to post anything about these at all as the videos are all over the place and people are fast finding out about them. Just by adding a link to them I’m contributing to their viral nature and increasing their hype and exposure.

Except you know what? They’re really quite funny, and strangely compelling. So feel free to click through, make sure you have audio though.

The first of these that really caught my laughter box was through the site Boing Boing by the gullet were the hilarious antics of the guys that are being called The Back Dorm Boys…and that worried me to begin with when I was linked across to a video on the Google site that featured this Asian duo…you can understand why. They are lipsyncing to Backstreet Boys tracks, and the first and funniest I saw was their take off of I want it that way. I love their expressions, especially when they aren’t singing.

Then I caught hold of the second video they’d done, As long as you love me. The opening section is so funny…I couldn’t help but laugh.

Then I found a group of guys taking off R. Kelly’s Ignition, and these guys have set-up scenes to go with the song…again, very funny.

…and for something completely different, for all you gamers out there. Here’s Dennis Leary’s song “Asshole” to the video of the game Halo. Amusing, give me the Asian Back Dorm Guys any day…ahem.

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  1. Justin Reply

    If you liked those videos, you should watch one called chin2. By far the funniest remix I’ve ever seen

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