Na Ruixa – Puerto Pollensa

While in Puerto Pollensa we ate out a lot! It was fab. If there’s one thing I love doing on holiday it’s eating, and drinking, and relaxing, and…okay, I love eating out at restaurants. Something I do love about holidaying in a warm climate is being able to eat outside during the evening, it gives you the feeling of an entirely different kind of life.

However when we arrived at Na Ruixa, my girlfriend’s parents favourite restaurant, they took us straight in and I have to say I started to feel disappointed. Sitting inside on a warm evening, and in a restaurant where smoking isn’t even segregated. Yet when we started eating all those feelings changed.

Mussels in white wine maranade

Melon in port

Baked eggs


Sitting down for the meal I was impressed at the decor, some fabulous paintings around the room showed local sights, and they really were fabulous. Many of them were views in the evening or night time and were so spectaularly painted that it seemed as though they were photographs. There was a very local atmosphere, and with such a small interior it felt very friendly, almost as if you were one of the regulars.

I couldn’t believe the mussels, there was a mammoth portion and they were huge, I really do mean it. Compared to the measley little mussels you get in Britain these were the size of the Loch Ness Monster, even the actual mussel itself was three or four times the size of our British ones. Absolutely fabulous, very tasty and very tender too, there wasn’t one that was even partially closed.

The melon, I am told, contained plenty port, and the baked eggs were very nice too. Frankly I think we made the best choice with the mussels. I’d heartily recommend them.

Rib Eye Steak with Roquefort sauce

Sea Bass

Chicken and Peppercorn sauce

Main Courses

When the mains arrived I wasn’t sure I could even finish them, but seeing the size and taking in the smell of the rib eye steak I couldn’t say no. It looked fabulous, and another huge helping. When I went to cut the steak it just slid apart, cooked to perfection and very tender. Eating it was an example of mouth watering delight, my mouth was actually watering as i went to take my first bite. It was gorgeous.

The Sea Bass was amazing to watch being served. The waiter comes out with the fish carves it off of the bone in three simple moves, and it was one huge Sea Bass.

During the meal we quaffed a couple of lovely bottles of Marquis de Carcés which was another aspect of the meal which tasted even better in the restaurant rather than at home. The entire meal was delicious and I even managed to force down a home made apple tart which was exceptionally light and refreshing.

Followed round the table with coffees and brandies, we were left with the bottle to help ourselves as we pleased, a nice touch. The entire meal was gorgeous, the setting was warm and inviting, and the attitude from the staff was friendly and welcoming. If you’re in Puerto Pollensa, book yourself a tale inside or out…and have the mussels!

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