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I’ve had this idea ever since Martin dropped me his meme on books. Recently it became obvious that I wasn’t the only one with the idea as it popped up on an advert for some company where they they were giving away six songs to make the soundtrack to your life…damn them, I had the idea first.

So with that I’ve started compiling my Soundtrack to Life, and I’m sure it will grow as the days go forward.

Here’s the idea. You have to select songs that mean something, that mark a special event, a significant time in your life, or remind you of someone close to you. It’s not just any old song, otherwise the list would end up like your playlist on your music device!

I’ve begun mine, and you can see them on the Soundtrack of my Life page. If you know me and there’s a significant song I’ve missed off that list that connects you with me, then drop a comment in or email me and I’ll add it. However I think it’s pretty solid so far…although I have noticed that every now and again another pops into my head, we’ll see how it grows.

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  1. Simone Reply

    I just read your input on “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”. I also love that song, and that movie also made me cry. I have read it in so many different ways before but maybe it was because of the way you said it, “then there’s the first girlfriend, and this was our song”. Awwwwwwww Richard you are so romantic mate! That is such a sweet expression. And I agree, although we have these memories and sometimes we dwell on them from time to time, I dunno maybe for security or just switching off from the real world, the ones we are with right now certainly means the rest of the world to us.

    Oh and hello to Richard’s girlfriend. 😉

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