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I first came across King of Shaves some time ago when my girlfriend bought me a small bottle of shaving oil, and I do mean small, these bottles are around a couple of inches tall. I wondered how it was going to help me shaving, and she was raving about how good they were, I was sceptical.

For years I’ve shaved with a razor and used shaving foam, whatever I do I still get burn and cuts, doesn’t matter about new blade or not, cold or hot water, with or against the grain. It would just happen, I’d never really feel like I was getting a smooth shave. Plus I really felt as though I was throwing out my blades when they seemed to have much more life in them, my face just didn’t like it.

So I shut up and tried the oil.

I was amazed. With only two or three drops of this clear oil rubbed around my face I managed to get one of the closest, smoothest and clean shaves I’ve ever experienced. I really do mean that, I’m not plugging the product or anything, I have no vested interest (actually that goes for all of the reviews on this site too). It really is that good.

Let me also be very clear about how good the shave was. It was the closest I have ever managed without visiting a barbers, it was burn and cut free, there was no discomfort and it was quick and easy. Over time I also found out that I was able to use my blade much, much longer than I’ve ever done before – that allowed me to justify paying the extra money on the bottle in the first place.

However I wasn’t sold on the oil feeling, and I turned back to my easy to hand shaving gel…after all finding a King of Shaves in the local Tesco was quite difficult. Until that is, they started stocking them.

I then turned to the product I use now, AlphaGel DDS Shaving Gel Natural Unmentholated. It’s superb. The best thing is that even this shaving gel only needs a pea sized blob to be massaged into your beard area for shaving, and it works as well as the oil.

If you get razor burn now and again, don’t feel you get a close enough shave or enough out of your blades, get cut sometimes, or just shave every day. I have no qualms about recommending this product, it’s the best shave I’ve ever had.

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  1. Patrick Hadfield Reply


    Both Boots and Tesco in Edinburgh stock King of Shaves products. Well, they did this week.

    I’ve been using the King of Shaves gel for a while (it is a bit container!), but I am not sold on it, myself.

    Maybe I’ll try the oil…

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