Sweet Melindas

This is our second visit to Sweet Melinda’s and it wasn’t a disappointment. The atmosphere there is very homely, it feels almost as if you’re in someone’s home. The service is friendly and very personable, it’s a lovely place to eat out and spend an evening.

Thai Fishcakes

Red Snapper with noodles and ginger


We started the meal with some of the lovely homemade bread and spicy humous. Gorgeous, but watch out that you don’t eat too much. Some Prosecco Valdobbiadene and Artesa Rioja Crianza 2001 arrived just in time for the starters.

The fishcakes were nice although the texture was a bit too rubbery. The Red Snapper was delicious although by the nature of the fish the taste was very mild. That’s something I noticed for the entire meal, that the flavours were very mild and subtle, somewhat overpowered by the lovely Rioja we were quaffing.

Roasted Cod with Spring Onion Mash, French Black Pudding and Dijon Mustard

Halibat Hot Smoked Salmon, Risotto and Peas

If I remember rightly the French Black Pudding was all finished and I was served Scottish instead, no problem at all, and our waitress told us with a smile and a joke, easily disarming any angry French Black Pudding salesmen who would be eating for the evening!

The taste of the Black Pudding and the Spring Onion Mash were the tastes that came through the meal, and they were a good combination, I just wish the fish had a bit stronger taste. The Risotto was good, and the combination of Halibat and Salmon was very tasty.

I’m sure we finished that off with a couple of coffees, puddings and a Brandy and Talisker, but you can appreciate that at that point I don’t think either of us were in the state to review the food. Slightly tipsy, tired, and full to the brim of food. I think I may well have had Sticky Toffee Pudding, but I can’t be sure.

I’d recommend Sweet Melinda’s, it’s a fantastic atmosphere, and the menu makes interesting use of some local fare. A very good night out.

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