Birthday weekend

Well I’m now officially 35 and my Birthday weekend passed quite uneventfully. Unfortunately after sitting in the presence of someone who was ill for a few days and a couple of nights out, I came down with a virus which has stayed with my until today. That didn’t make for a great weekend, exhausted, sore head and waking up throughout the night in a cold sweat, no, not the best.

Still, I did get spoiled that day. Breakfast in bed and chinese for tea. Heaven. I also woke up to loads of presents, which is always a good thing. The only thing that would have made it getter would have been if all my friends could have made it round for a nice poker and drinks night, but most of them couldn’t, and with me being ill it just didn’t seem worth it.

So what did I get?

Seinfeld Series one through three DVD boxset, Alias Season four, those superb big head coasters, You & Me Mugs (you have to see the Soundtrack of My Life to get the importance of those), a cycling mask to cover your lower face from extreme weather, Men 212 Shower Gel and a Star Wars Topiary T-Shirt! Superb pressies, so thanks very much to everyone who gave me something.

It’s weird because people keep telling me about 35 and what I should be expecting. Really, there’s just another number added to the dial and I’m going on. Struggling with a little bit of a belly that won’t seem to go away, fighting with too many hobbies, driving a fast sports car, and wondering when marriage should be approached. Just the usual things really!

A big thing for my Birthday weekend was the work Christmas party. There are a number of parties to go to, our team’s party is probably the smallest. The team that our team belongs to isn’t going to have one, but the team that that team belongs to is, then there’s the big one for the big team to which that team belongs to…confused? I am! Anyway, it was big, and I was asked to be the official photographer for it.

That was quite a big deal for me, I mean I’m usually taking shots of landscapes and such, inanimate objects, and I haven’t really had any training in photography nor have I really taken the time to study Apeture, Shutter and ISO speeds and their combining affect. So leaping into taking photos of people at a party in a darkened room was quite a difficult prospect. Yet I went for it, despite the nerves even during the evening, and I’ve come away with about 250 photos out of which I’d say there are a few really cool ones, over half good, and the rest are a mixture of experimentations either gone slightly or wholly wrong. Although most of those can be photoshopped fixed and put down to being arty!

What I really liked doing was walking around the room not being part of the event, just watching from slightly outside and quickly taking a photo. It was easy taking flash pictures, but switching to a higher ISO rating and relying on ambient light by way of a wider apeture was really interesting and brought me the sweetest affects. I switched between my 17-35mm Tokina and my 50mm Nikon, for people shots the Nikon gave the best results, and table shots came best with the 17-35mm.

Now just comes the time to develop them all. I am guessing that’s my next weekend out the window as I work through them, but it was a great experience. I’ve definitely learnt a lot from that night, and the ladies who organised the event are talking about signing me up next year…well if they do, I’ll have less failed photos I reckon!

So overall a great Birthday weekend…roll on the next! Actually, no, take your time on the next one. The presents are nice but I am rapidly approaching that 40 mark!

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  1. Simone Reply

    35 is a good age, enjoy it while it lasts! *winks*

    Have you watched your Seinfeld DVDs yet?

  2. Ron Reply

    Well….I quite liked 35. Their is a mix of still young enough to get away with being just a little daft, but also enjoying a quiet night in, glass of wine and friends (i.e the adult way). Equally during 35 I found dinner parties, literally. I can now do four meals (three courses) which means I only ever invite people around four times and then I’m stuck! Anyway Happy Birthday and …… how much do you want to buy me out of any incriminating photographs?

  3. pablo Reply

    Excellent news richard. The photography working out i mean not the age! 🙂

    So, your photography skills have been advanced and there is talk of you being commisioned for future projects!!

    How about a project at gullane beach with a certain crazy south african chucking himself about? i’d recommend we wait for spring though….

  4. Richard Brunton Reply

    There’s a lot of DVD’s to get through, never mind the ones I have to watch for the Movie Blog. I’ll get to them.

    Ron, I have plenty of photos of you dancing like a maniac. Expect to see them next week.

    Love to Pablo. Although who’s the South African? You’re from New Zealand aren’t you? 😉

  5. pablo Reply

    haahahaha, yes i do supposed my nationality can come into question at times…

    Did i mention that my new kite is a bright orange and white? great for photos at sunset me thinks

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