Cinemas causing us to miss movie endings?

At the end of The Chronicles of Narnia the titles came up, the house lights came on, and everyone stood up getting their jackets on and began to leave. As they were piling out of the rows and down the steps the titles faded out and the film continued with a short post ending scene and we struggled to see it past people shuffling in front of us and those standing watching. What I don’t get is why are the house lights raised before the ending of the movie?

I always like to try and watch the titles at the end of a movie, you never know if there is something else to see during the titles or even at the end after they’ve all finished. No one else does though, they want to stand up as soon as the titles have popped onscreen and get out of the cinema, and I can understand that too, but do they know what they are missing?

I’d like to thank the Cineworld cinema in Aberdeen for raising the house lights before the movie was finished. Surely they could leave the house lights down until the final scene is totally finished and help the audience know when a film it actually finished. Raising the house lights before the final scene is just suggesting to people that they can leave now. You wouldn’t see the lights raised in a theatre before the show is over.

At least I managed to see the movie, albeit through people standing up in the row in front and people pushing past me to get out of the row I’m in. There were some people who had already left the cinema and I feel more aggrieved for them.

So Cinema owners, why don’t you find out when the end of a film really is and raise the lights after that point, not just when the titles appear, that way you’ll help people know when there’s more.

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  1. Lee Reply

    First time I was caught out with this was with Lethal Weapon 3, back in student days. They’d opened the doors for one showing before the previous one finished. So we walked in at the post-ending scene. Which made no sense.

    Then, at the end of our showing when the credits rolled and the audience piled out, the staff were trying to shift us. Since then I wait. Not only to see if there’s anything else, but it gives time for a quick chat and for the crowd to disperse.

    That cinema is now bulldozed.

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