I’m not losing interest in Blogging…

It’s interesting that I now find myself under so much pressure to write entries in my Blog.

All around me people post daily to their sites, posts comprising of a few lines of something that has happened in their day, or some short observation, and sites that discussion Blogging are discussing more and more the topic of when Bloggers loose interest.

So I think to myself, is this me? Is this what I’m doing? Then I realise that I’m not running a Blog.

You see the very definition of the word Blog is derived from Weblog, a term which according to the Wikipedia means a website for which an individual or a group frequently generates text, photographs, video, audio files, and/or links, typically (but not always) on a daily basis.

So that’s definitely not my site. For one I will not (although I have once) post a short entry to point towards some other content on the web. I do not want my site to become a index of references to other Internet content. We’ve also ascertained that I don’t post daily, in fact you’ll be lucky to get posts monthly out of me, and sometimes a few follow at the same time. Also my posts tend to be longer than your average Blog entry, so what does that make me?

Well if the world is intent on continuing to use the term Blog in reference to the old ideas of Weblog, which is basically an online diary, then I am most definitely not that. I have not lost interest in Blogging, when I am not writing I have nothing valid to write about, and therefore nothing appears. For those people who want daily updates on my life, well they are my friends and family and can talk to me utilising the power of the voice, or even email. It’s magic.

It’s also interesting when you look at the idea of Blogs in a work environment. The word Blog conjures many things in peoples minds, and when facing a Corporate Technology area that means subversive comments, open access and open content. These are all bad words and will soon slap your project either in the bin or on the fringes of the Corporation. You’re riding the crest of a fad, and it won’t last and has no Business benefit.

I know, short sighted fools and all that, but that’s what happens when the word Blog is mentioned.

So I have come to simply talk about Content Management. After all, as I use this site with MovableType, that’s what I’m doing, using a Content Management system to create a website that is primarily a site that reviews many things I use or experience in my life for others to reference. The rest is an add on, a place where I can write editorial type articles on anything I deem fit. Editorial articles referencing, not it’s own content, but the content out there in the big wide world.

So no, for all those sites who are writing about the boredom of the Blogger, and how everyone reaches a point where they stop writing, or start writing for the sake of it, do not bundle me in that group. I am not losing interest, I am waiting until I have something to say that I think someone might find interesting, thank you very much.

3 comments on “I’m not losing interest in Blogging…”

  1. Matt A Reply

    Well said, I have only been blogging a year but have not lost interest (yet).

    I try to post at least one entry a week minimum just because I write at least one review of a film each week for the newspapers but the other stuff comes and goes…

    I think one of the best things about ‘blogs’ is that even if they use the same template – the are each reflective of the owner’s personality and how often they post is just part of that…

    But anyway, have u seen Narnia yet as I’d be interested in what you thought of it!?

  2. Patrick Hadfield Reply

    The blogs that interest me are those that have something interesting to say. The minutiae of someone else’s life are not always that interesting. Broader observations often are.

    But one can’t generalise – there are blogs I have got to know where it feels like I know the person (and sometimes, I actually do): then their thoughts on the minutiae can actually be quite fun…

    Horses for courses!

  3. Patrick Hadfield Reply

    I saw this in yesterday’s Independent – and thought of you…

    “Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us evidence of the fact” – George Eliot

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