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This is a great finish for 2005 for me, news that The Movie Blog has won a readers Blog Award for the Best Movies Blog. That, for those of you slow on the uptake, is a an award voted for by people who read the InterWeb and our site, and it makes me very proud indeed. In fact there’s a huge degree of vindication in that announcement.

You see I’ve been writing on the Movie Blog for well over a year now, and that involves a lot of time and research. Surprisingly enough I don’t get anything for it other than an enjoyment of talking about movies, the odd press screening, the odd free DVD (and not mainstream ones), some free movie visits and of course it’s given me a week of press events at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Yet apart from that, I get nothing for it.

To let you know how much goes into this I’ll probably be spending three to four hours a day looking for stories and writing them up, and that’s not counting the time to see movies, watch DVD’s and write about them. It’s not just about the writing either, I’ve dedicated some serious time to working behind the scenes on the Movie Blog, building pages, features and even working on the first Movie Blog Readers Awards.

So you get the idea, I spend a good dose of my free time writing and researching for the Movie Blog and it’s not even my site, I’m just a writer for it. Yet what makes it great for me is when the readers engage in a story and start a huge discussion, when another site uses your story and gives you credit (something that rarely happens, the credit part that is), or when reader or another writer gives you praise. These things make it all worthwhile for me, finally I’m really writing.

There are some other things that have made me realise all this work has been worthwhile. When I started at the Movie Blog it was pulling in around 350,000 visits a month, and at it’s peak last year we pulled it up to over 850,000 visits a month, and that’s a phenomenal leap. Of course I’m not saying it’s all down to me, not at all, there’s two of us writing on that site, but I know that I was a part of that leap.

Yet I think the news that we’ve won the award for Best Movie Blog from KBCafe.

There’s a fair number of other movie sites I check throughout the day for good stories, and some of them I respect more than others, Cinematical is one of those sites, it has five or six different writers and covers loads of stories a day, and they came third.

These things make the time I give up all worthwhile, and make me want to keep doing it. Let’s hope I can and that the good things keep happening.

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  1. ghani Reply

    Not trying to stir, but is it your choice that you recieve nothing for your contributions to the movie blog?

  2. Richard Reply

    Interesting question Ghani. Ermmm…you could say it is because I began doing it for free then that’s my choice to keep doing it for free. Still, I’ve never made a physical choice to make it that way. Part of me never believed things would go this far, and another part never believed I could actually do it. Yet here I am.

    I think I’m coming to a point where a decision has to be made. Stop, or seriously limit the time I’m doing it for, or start writing in a way that will compensate me for the time and energy put into it.

    Still, weighing up against all the points about getting people engaged, writing for a large audience, attending some press events, it’s all spectacular stuff and gives me a real buzz…

  3. Simone Reply

    Richard, you really should consider writing and get compensated for it, not necessarily for The Movie Blog, but any other kind of writing, its not just movies that really interest you isnt it, but saying that, what stops you from maybe writing online reviews and getting paid for them?

    Oh and cheers to The Movie Blog- you guys have all come a long way, and very well deserved too! *winks*

  4. pablo Reply

    Movieblog is an enjoyable place to have a mostly intelligent and adult chat with educated individuals.

    Probably the reason why i struggle to keep up. 🙂

  5. Colin Reply

    Hmmm, after just reading the post over at Sunpig…are you still going to be writing for the Movie Blog??….are you going to give us an in depth posting of what has actually happened??

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