Dangerous Driving again

I’d like to call this intent to assault with a motor vehicle, but I’m not sure if that’s a real law although it sounds much more accurate.

This is now the second serious incident of someone attempting to knock me off my bike and cause me physical harm, and what’s more worrying is that this took place just at the end of the street where I live, and my estate is all no-through roads.

This morning at around 8:15am I took my bike out of the lockup, cycled along my street and turned left onto the street leaving the estate. This street is always lined on one side with parked vehicles and means everyone is restricted to one lane.

As I turned round the road was clear and I started cycling forward, after about three cars I saw a vehicle appear at the opposite end of the restricted road without waiting for me to come past. I shook my head, about the only thing you can do as a cyclist, and continued on.

I realised that the vehicle wasn’t going to pull in anywhere as it was accelerating forward, so I started to pull in to a gap, as the car came close the driver jerked the wheel to his right and headed straight for me. I obviously thought he was going to hit me so I had to unclip my shoes from the pedals and try to get out of his way, at the last moment he turned back and drove on, leaving me struggling to stay upright.

Two vehicles left from around me, both drivers looking very concerned but neither doing anything or even stopping. I waited to get myself together then went searching for the car, I found it a street away from where I live and the driver got out of the car. He wore a shell suit. He immediately begin shouting aggressively at me, Want to say something to me? No, of course I didn’t I merely told him I was taking his number.

You had plenty of f***ing space was another of his aggressive shouts. Actually I didn’t, we were reduced to a single lane and he expected me to move out of the way even though I had right of way. Once he finished shouting and rustling his shell suit I took the vehicle number and left. One of his neighbours looked at me with an apologetic face, perhaps she has also encountered his wrath.

So tonight I will return and take a picture of the small red car with registration SN055 KKR or KRR and post it up here. I fear that this may not be his main vehicle as it had “Bodyworks” written all over the side, perhaps he’s just been in another accident.

I may also report him to the Police, but my last attempt at reporting someone who drove me off the road has resulted in no contact back from the Police (Captor Number: VA01016605, Date: 14/11/2005). No wonder, they are more interested in telling cyclists how to protect themselves and follow the law rather than prosecute those who attempt to knock them off their bikes.

That BBC article solely highlights bad cyclists, and not the dangers that the average cyclist is facing on the road day to day, nor do they seem interested in genuine incidents that have threatened the lives of cyclists. I do not exaggerate when I say that there’s at least one incident every day that could have knocked me off my bike if I wasn’t such an experienced cyclist, and there’s over five incidents per day that occur that give me a bit of a surprise, again if I wasn’t an experienced cyclist I’m sure I’d be off my bike much more.

In a time where environmentally friendly transport is being touted more and more, and the Government is telling us to turn to greener types of travel, why aren’t they protecting the safety of cyclists? Making it safer and easier for us to travel? Despite my experience I am seriously thinking of returning to my car for commuting, it’s far safer.

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  1. Dave Morrow Reply

    The fact that he wore a shell-suit says it all really. Like most things in life it only takes one idiot to spoil it for everyone else. I’d still report him (even though it may go nowhere).

    Could you not have bunny-hopped it though? I seem to recall you were the “bunny-hopping king” when we went out on the bikes. We were kind of bmx bandits – only fat and older.

  2. Richard Reply

    Fat and older? I’d object but you’re totally right! I don’t recall me being that good to jump over a car!

    Problem is it’s taking many, many more people day after day. I have noticed that I am falling fowl of stereotyping and I now view all drivers as deadly. Strangely that’s what my motorbike instructor used to tell me, “imagine every vehicle on the road is out to kill you”, unfortunately on a bike they really are.

  3. Simone Reply

    I hope youre alright Rich, didnt trigger any more migraine attacks did it?

    Report him, I will.

  4. pablo Reply

    I wore my helmet camera for a few days to get a bit of footage of dangerous drivers and well….. i noted that i was to blame(not saying you are ) 50% of the time myself. just got a bit blase with almost getting hit all the time and just started taking more and more risks.

    haven’t cycled since then as its a 15min walk to work, but we are moving offices soon and i will start cycling again. may need to take it very easy for the first few weeks, possible be a good idea to wear my helmet camera for proof of incidents where required.

  5. Richard Reply

    Pablo, here’s an interesting piece of information. It’s legal to publicise the footage of the cars as long as you don’t show the persons face or give an indication of where they live.

    I’d upload them if I were you.

  6. Patrick Hadfield Reply

    As well as the Polis, try complaining to your MSP (isn’t transport a devolved power?), and publicise your plight.

    When walking on the pavement or cycling on the road, the idea of taking a more active stance has sometimes occurred to me; but I am a calm, peaceful character who wouldn’t seriously consider revenge…

  7. Matt (UK) Reply

    …on a motorbike you are also treated like road vermin. It must be a two wheel thing for drivers, who think they can just squeeze by or have more rights to the highway.

  8. driving courses Reply

    I read your post having Googled to find out whether the police, government, anybody is doing anything about the worsening state of safety on our roads.

    I think the police should set-up something along the lines of a crimestoppers for motorists/cyclists – an 0800 number where drivers can be reported and once a car/driver gets to a certain number of complaints the police go around and have a word and let the person know that they’re on a watch list.

    Maybe the insurance companies would like to get involved… the current way of only doing something about dangerous drivers after the event is not the best way forward.

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