From the iPod to the Sony NW-A3000

I was given an iPod (I think they call it a third generation) sometime ago by work and I was quite excited about getting it, trouble was it turned out to be particularly unreliable with the battery running flat while it was switched off, the whole device locking up for no reason, and all sorts of issues.

So I was even happier to see Sony had brought out some new MP3 Players, regardless of their issues with the now famous rootkit, they have consistently made superior audio devices that also look good and are packed with usability and features.

So I was even more excited when I was allowed to get one as payment for taking some work party photographs. Then came the problems.

Let me get this straight right from the outset, the player itself is wonderful. I have the Sony NW-A3000, a 20Gb MP3 player with a sleek black finish and an ultra cool display. To that I’ve added some Sony embedded headphones and that has given me such a superb audio quality. I totally love it.

Yet the problems come. The software is perhaps one of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever used, and the confusion with my existing Sony Net MiniDisc and its software causes more and more problems.

So let me start by saying that the MP3 Player itself is fantastic. It looks great, plays wonderfully, the battery lasts for ages, the features are superb, overall it’s the best player I’ve ever had my hands on.

Now, let’s look at the software. Rather than write some lengthy prose about what I found wrong, let me just list it out. Here are some handy definitions first.

Connect – The software provided with the player to manage the songs, playlists and also connect to the Sony Connect Music Store to purchase and download new tunes.

SonicStage – The software provided with the Sony NetMD that does the same as Connect, just older.

  • Connect takes an absolute age to start up
  • The speed of initialising or synchronising between Connect and the Player is a lengthy process
  • The floppy drive was always accessed multiple times while Connect started – I have since disabled it in the hardware list!
  • Connect is difficult to get used to from the fast and friendly iTunes
  • Connect has extremely slow responses onscreen. You can select something and see nothing happening onscreen, a few moments later the action magically occurs!
  • There is no facility to transfer existing music from iTunes to Connect – I had to cut them to CD and then import them again
  • Interestingly, after I installed the new software, the old Net MD software SonicStage can see both devices, the new Connect software can only see the NW-A3000. Why can’t it control both?
  • While trying to burn CD’s from iTunes I couldn’t add music to CD’s I’d already cut to, it seemed to be a one cut per CD option (At least one there for iTunes during the transfer process!)
  • While running Connect there seems to be continual Hard Drive churning
  • When deleting\altering\editing content on the Connect screen you will find that the action is not always taken – it runs slowly and sometimes misses keystrokes, reverting back to the previous entry
  • If the library list updates while you’re editing a field on a song the field update can get copied to the song sitting in the new position after the update – that’s weird!
  • There is no way of transferring playlists created in Connect to the player. So the playlists you create in Connect have to be manually copied over to the player, and if you change anything in the playlists, you have to manually make sure you make these changes to the playlists showing under the player as well – Why isn’t that automatically updated?
  • Connect doesn’t appear to update the library. If you import a song it points to the location you told it to import from, unlike iTunes which copies the file into your Music folder and into a file structure if you so desire
  • When I deleted something from a playlist on the Player through Connect it disappeared and then a moment later it reappeared!
  • There were errors on transferring tracks to the Player that worked fine on iTunes, and there’s no explanation
  • Connect can’t just play tunes from your library as you’d expect, you have to copy the tunes to either a local playlist or have them displayed in your “Now Playing” window. Basically, if you want to play all your library, you have to recopy the whole library to the Now Playing window, and that’s just daft
  • A number of times while I’ve been using it the Explorer Bar just stopped working. Alt-Tab to applications worked okay but the start menu, etc stopped for over three minutes then all the buffered keystrokes flew through the PC!
  • When I was playing music while the player was being updated, if I clicked to start playing the next song the software took 15-30 seconds to catch up and display the correct information. On Connect it showed that it was still playing the previous track when the new one was coming out of the speakers!
  • You can’t really do anything while Connect is updating the player, otherwise any changes taken are automatically reverted in front of your eyes, suddenly reappearing minutes later. Scrolling through the library list just repeatedly pulls you back to where your cursor was before you started scrolling!
  • I had to rip CD’s with Media Player to import songs as Connect would not recognise the purchased CD. This was possibly because it is data\music on one disc.
  • If you remove a CD when it’s been detected by the software Connect uses to download title information from the Internet, it starts throwing up errors which keep repeating
  • You can’t easily see what song is in which playlist without looking at playlists, so if you’re looking to see what songs aren’t in a playlist you’re goosed
  • Errors display in a small corner of Connects window frame, they can often be too big for the small text area, hence messages such as “The selected track could not be played because…”
  • Despite me specifying a folder for the Connect software to “watch”, changes and additions to songs within that folder and subdirectories are not always reflected in the library. For instance I added five songs and only two were picked up, the others I had to manually import and suddenly they were listed twice with different details!
  • When I attempted to log into Sony’s Connect Store I was told I couldn’t log in with my existing account that I used with SonicStage and the Net MD. I had to create a new one separate for the new Player, and then found that this was clashing with the old one…frankly, this was a mess and I had to contact support to sort it out
  • There’s a distinct lack of music on offer in the Sony store in comparison to that on offer through iTunes
  • The Player continually connects to the PC showing “connecting” onscreen. It goes to sleep for a bit and everything seems to have finished then it starts again
  • Lastly, and this is just so far, I tried to download a couple of acoustic tracks I found on Sony Connect store, unfortunately it just displayed an error page whenever I tried to purchase them. Now, bear in mind that I’ve purchased music already through the store onto my new Player through this software. Well, I contacted the support team and their suggestion? Uninstall and reinstall SP2…What?! Because a few songs didn’t work? I queried this and then was told to go and try another computer…oh dear. I would have been sacked for this kind of support resolution when I worked in 3rd level support

All in all it’s safe to say that the software is probably the worst piece of coding and design I’ve ever seen in my life. Can you believe that list of issues, and I’m not joking when I say that 95% of those were through the first evening of use!

However, it is without question I say that the player is superb, and the only issue I have with it is when you change track the screen is slow to update with the new track information, although it does update before playing the new track. That’s it. That’s the only thing I can think of saying about the player itself other than it’s superb. The usability and functionality, not to mention the looks and the superb audio quality. I love it.

Any chance Sony that you can either fix the current software (some user testing might be a good idea) or make it work with iTunes!

Update: 20/06/2006

The problems continue. Now I’ve been sent a message from Sony to tell me that my SonicStage software requires an update, so I do just that, and this still continues to be run totally separately from the Connect software causing no end of confusion.

Then I plug my player in and run Connect only to find all my playlists have been duplicated on the player, not only that but the duplicated lists contain different numbers of songs! Yet looking at the playlists set on the computer and they’re all just fine.

What the hell is going on?!

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  1. Dave Morrow Reply

    It still blows my mind that I can listen to ANY album in my collection when I’m away from the house. Getting a 20Gb player is one of the most useful ‘toys’ I think I’ve ever bought.

    Its a pity about the software but I’m glad you’ve got a bit of tech-lust going on.

  2. KathMal Reply

    I’ve just been given a SONY NW-A3000 as a gift. It looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to get started with downloading software and tunes, etc. Imagine how gutted I was when I discovered it’s not Mac compatible!! How shortsighted of SONY! Does anyone know a way I can fix this? If not, looks like SONY will lose out as I’ll return the product and replace it with an iPod!

    Let me know!

  3. mars Reply

    The Connect program is indeed rubbish. I’ve been using the newest version of Sonic Stage instead (3.4) and it works fine. While this compromises the whole artist-link/intelligent shuffle feature of the Connect program (I forget what it’s called), I’d rather do without it than risk having my PC go bonkers.

    I won’t be trading my player for an iPod anytime soon.

  4. jennifer kavanagh Reply

    the sony nw a3000 has my hear broken, i got it about 5 months ago but the problems have started. first my computer said that it didnt recognise it but i fixed that bit. but now when ever i go to load on a new cd it just does not work! it loads on the computer alright but it just wont transfer over. instead it will keep working away and then say that there was an error with all the tracks! i just dont know what to do!

    please help!

  5. H Reply

    A common problem I have found on the net has occured to me on my A3000 MP3 player, which I only recently bought and that I have had numerous other problems with. The latest is when I try to upload albums from my library on the PC, which it is not allowing.

    The message that appears is “cannot use the intelligent features because the player does not have an updated database” and it then instructs me to either connect and reconnect the device (which doesn’t work) or disable the intelligent features from the settings.

    Are these settings on the device itself or the computer? Who knows?

    Is this addressed in the pdf user manual? No.

    Is there anywhere I can find out this information? No.

    So, I’m hoping someone out there might know what I do….I’m not very technoligically minded…and I think this device is fairly simplistic so I think this problem is another built-in one by Sony somehow…I spent a long time being convinced to buy a Sony product over an iPod and have become gradually frustrated with the practicality of the device.

    Now that I have it, I expect to keep it. It cost me 150 odd quid so I don’t really want to exchange it, especially as I stressfully managed to upload over 1000 songs onto it with the old, terrible software Connect and the new Sonic one.

    If I look on the internet for a solution – all I have found is others making identical complaints.

  6. Richard Brunton Reply

    Hey there H.

    Well you have bought a great product, the device itself is superb, it’s the software that’s the problem. Make sure you’re using Sonic Stage and not Sony Connect.

    If you don’t have Sonic Stage get onto Sony and get it. It works far better than Connect and much faster.

    As for your problem I’ve encountered this once, but taking the device out of the cradle while it is still transferring information. You have to leave it in while the device shows connecting and the software still shows transferring or do not disconnect. These aren’t displayed prominently so really check before you disconnect.

    Easiest way to get it back (now remember here I’m using Sonic Stage software) is to erase the device HD while it’s disconnected, then plug it back in and leave it to fully synchronise.

    Never remove it while it’s still synchronising.

  7. H Reply

    Thanks Richard. Sorry I don’t fully understand your advice. Let me make it clear. I already have sonic stage installed and have downloaded tracks and albums fine from it to my device last week. On coming back to it after a weekend it’s failed me. I’ve ripped some further albums on to the software but when I plug in the mp3 it shows that message and won’t let me transfer any music whatsoever.

    It just keeps displaying the message: “cannot use the intelligent features because the player does not have an updated database” where it should show the MP3 library. Confusingly, it shows up with ‘do not disconnect’ on the mp3 but never on the pc software. Do not disconnect then disappears and the above message sits in the library, not allowing me to transfer any music. I’ve written to sony 3 times asking them what is up and today got this response from their ‘technical support’:

    Thank you for your e-mail message.

    We are sorry we are unable to assist directly on this occasion, therefore your

    request has now been forwarded to the responsible Sony department for further

    investigation. They will contact you directly as soon as possible.

    Kind regards,

    The CONNECT Team!

    Looks like no one can give me a sound explanation or answer. If you can help I’d appreciate it immesly. I can’t imagine what people who are even less technologically aware than I would do. These devices should come with dedicated customer services in the way mobile phones do, while the companies that are flogging them are passing out dodgy software… Thanks – nice site!

  8. Richard Brunton Reply

    Same advice stands H. I understood your first message perfectly.

    Disconnect the device

    Choose Back on the device until you get to the main menu

    Select Settings on the device

    Press UP once on the device

    Select Initialize Disk on the device and confirm

    Once the initialisation is complete, and only once it is complete

    Run Sonic Stage on your PC

    Once SS is fully loaded reconnect the device

    Wait for messages and action the appropriately

    Wait for the transfers to complete – this may take a lot of time, be patient

    This problem happened on my device because I wasn’t patient and at one point in the transfer process I disconnected the device before it was finished transferring – make sure you’re 100% certain it’s finished transferring before disconnecting.

  9. H Reply

    Hi thanks for helping out. I feel a bit stupid. Unfortunately, I use a pc at work to do my ripping and don’t store the albums on there so none are backed up – this means I’ll have to scratch off the entire colelction, including those i ripped from my mate’s pc, in order to download anything further. Then re-load over 1000 songs + those I bought from the sonic stage store all over again. I’m not impressed with this and will take it back tmw to get an iPod with iTunes which are both more universal i hope. Not impressed with this product at all.

    Thanks for your help though.

  10. Richard Brunton Reply

    Surely the songs are still stored on the PC? If you imported them in Sonic Stage then that will copy them onto your PC and store them for you, unless you specifically deleted them from the PC too, in which case, well what do you expect if there’s a problem on the device!

    Remember you only need to initialise the device, the songs should be stored on the PC so when you startup Sonic Stage and connect the device it will start transferring everything across again.

  11. H Reply


    I deleted the files from the Sonic Stage library because I thought it would clog the PC memory up (which is one at work). So, are they saved somewhere, elsewhere on the PC files? In which case I can initialise the device – but I’ll still lose the files from my mate’s PC, won’t I?

    Even so, if I use another PC i’ll have to do this everytime. Won’t it take a long time to keep transferring 1000’s of songs?

  12. Richard Brunton Reply

    You won’t have to do this every time. I’ve used mine for a year and this has happened once and I know it was because I removed the Sony from its cradle while it was still transferring.

    If you make sure transferring has definitely finished before removing it from its cradle then it shouldn’t happen again.

    Oh, and don’t delete the songs. Even with iTunes if your iPod has a problem with its drive, you need the songs on your PC.

    For the ones you’ve purchased from Sony, just email the support and tell them what’s happened to the files and the device, and they should let you download the tracks again.

  13. H Reply

    Thanks Richard. I didn’t disonnect at anytime. I’m not sure Sony support like me very much…in fact, i reckon they might impose a restraining order on me!

  14. H Reply

    Right, last thing I wanna be clear on: I’ve just heard from Sony (finally!) and they’ve said that I’m not supposed to download from more than one pc. They suggest the same as you, initialise the device and lose all of the songs blah blah blah. but, Sony says:

    “I can only assume that you have attempted to use your Walkman with two different computers. The Walkman is not designed for this purpose for music transfer, and this might have caused the problems that you are having.”

    So you have to keep transferring music, always, from the same PC and the same library? Right??

    This is what caused the problem on my device – not disconnnecting before it had finished uploading.

    This still riles me as a massive flaw in the product. Why can’t you use one device from one PC to another PC? I have a friend who does so and his walkman works fine, (but I think he is putting all information on manually – not beng connected to the internet).

    The point in a decent MP3 player, in my eyes, is being able to rip music from friends and other machines – not being restricted like that. For instance, what if you download all your tracks onto a PC only for that computer to get damaged or nicked or whatever….it’s just an awkward inconvenience.

    At some point you’re going to lose your music. Think I’ll get a gramophone tomorrow.

  15. Richard Brunton Reply

    Ah well, my problem was definitely the disconnection.

    Yes, I think somewhere it says in the instructions about keeping it on one PC only. I think you’ll find this is the same with any player that uses software like iTunes or Sonic Stage. If you have a player that shows up as a hard drive on your computer then you can probably just drag songs across, however I prefer using the software to control conversions, and intelligent features for me.

    My only answer is to buy a larger hard drive and make regular backups. Or cut them all to DVD.

    Sure you’re liable to lose either the HD on your device or your PC at one point, but then that’s true of any media like that.

    Personally I have no problems with the device and I love it, my deal is all with the software, and I’m willing to live with that for the device.

  16. H Reply

    OK was prepared to give the A3000 another chance so have initialised disc as you said and of course lost all the files from it. Gutted. Anyway, the files which i removed frmo the sonic stage library are on my pc somewhere but i can’t work out how to put them back on the sonic stage library. any ideas?

  17. Christoph Mangler Reply

    MP3-Player SONY NW-A3000 does not work with an APPLE COMPUTER?

    is it true? Does this wonderful mp3-player not work with a Apple computer at all? I bought the player today for a fantastic price and even didn’t think about problems like that. I thought: It’s a Sony product it will work of course! The Connect software is just for PC, ok, that’S bad enough. Doesn’t Sony care about Apple users at all? Is that the truth? It’s possible on a Mac to drag and drop mp3s via USB to the player … but the player does not recognize them? That’s the point.

    Can anybody help me? Does anybody now how to connect it to an Apple Computer?

    Is there a tool for my Apple computer to run this wonderful mp3 Player?

    If not, I have to bring it back and by an iPod. Finish.

    Thanks for your help.


  18. Richard Brunton Reply

    I’ve no idea about the Apple connectivity since I haven’t ever owned an Apple.

    However I do think it’s unfair to blame Sony for that one. If they choose not to sell to a marketplace, well that’s their choice. Personally I learnt at a young age to check if something is compatible with my spec of PC, never mind checking to see it runs on a PC full stop.

  19. dado Reply

    hi all,

    I w got Sony nw-a3000 last night and I was disappointed…it says that the thing can play mp3 file so I tried to copy mp3 files on the player but he couldn’t find anything…any way after hours of surfing and playing with the thing…

    first: install new firmware from Sony

    second: download and install new SonicStage

    this combination works fine..

    regarding mp3 files…well he can play mp3 but he renames the song and change the type so song.mp3 becomes 00000001.oma but when u copy that file to ur local machine and rename it to 00000001.mp3 winamp can play it…stupid…

    I just have to play with players internal database and maybe I will be able to bypass SonicStage and Connect and add songs from windows explorer 🙂 🙂 🙂

    regarding computer crashing…try to find and install the latest driver for mainboard, that might help…


  20. Richard Brunton Reply

    Hey there Dado.

    Well you sorted the first few problems out with SonicStage and the new firmware update, but you should really read the instructions!

    The software is converting the MP3 to OMA, it’s not just a rename. These OMA files will play on both SonicStage and the player fine. If you want them to remain as MP3’s you need to stop the software converting it during the transfer – that’s all in the settings.

  21. Nathan Reply


    could you tell me where i could get hold of sonic stage? connect was messing up my computer so badly that i uninstalled it in a fit of rage (I was annoyed as I’d just had to wipe my mp3, like H). or do I need my original connect cd before i can go and install sonicstage?

  22. Nathan Reply

    Thanks Richard.

    I now have another problem – how does the artist link function work? Even when i upload ‘gracenote’ registered CD tracks onto the player using SonicStage, when i press the artist link button, my player says every track is not linked. Do you have to link them manually somehow, and if so, how?

  23. Richard Brunton Reply

    Artist Link is not something I’ve really explored until recently. I think this ties in with the Gracenote service, because on my machine these links are prepopulated. However, they are prepopulated with American categories such as “college progressive techo-rock” so I do change them and categorise them much more sanely.

    I don’t tend to use it too much because the Smart Playlists do everything I want. Just having various playlists assigned to genres, etc is enough for me.

    Is your Gracenote setup to download and update song information automatically?

  24. Johnny Reply

    Hey there,

    You’re probably sick of everyone coming here and moaning about the problems they’ve been facing with their WALKMAN and it’s software but…yup, I’m about to join that group. 🙂

    I purchased the NWA3000 walkman second hand for a really reasonable price. I’ve got a warranty on it until 2008 and I was really happy with it…until everything went wrong. Like it has gone wrong with alot of other people.

    However, my problem doesn’t initially appear to be with Connect at all…I’m not 100% sure to be honest. My main problem is that my nwa3000 isn’t recognised by my PC. It comes up with a “New Hardware” before saying “Mass Storage Device.” From there, I can either choose to find the software to make it work, or let my PC do it…but either way turns up next to nothing. I installed Connect, hoping and praying that it would make it work, but now whenever I plug my mp3 player in, it just plays the tone 3 times (the tone being the one that goes off whenever a device is inserted or turned on), but doesn’t register it at all.

    I have downloaded the new Sonic Stage software, but this hasn’t helped at all. It’s frustrating, but if you or anyone could help me, I’d really appreciate it. As long as I can put songs onto it, then play it back, it’ll be fine, no matter how slow and tenious the process is said to be.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    – J

  25. Johnny Reply

    Sorry, just thought I’d add something else.

    My screen constantly says “Connecting” but never seems to connect at all. It’s been sitting there for about 45 minutes and it just turns off, then I touch a button and it says the same thing on it’s display.

    I’m not sure if that makes a difference to my original post, but I thought I’d let you know just in case.

  26. Nathan Reply

    Anyone else with any idea about artist link? the whole thing seems a little redundant to me, and yet it’s one of the big things they advertise about the player.

    All mine does when i press it is think for a while and then tell me that there are no linked artists. That is despite the fact that all the cds i loaded on (around 50, of similar musical taste) were recognised and named by the Gracenote software. What does the function actually do (to anyone who’s works)? If it’s just to flick between tracks of the same genre, then isn’t that exactly what the ‘genre’ playlist is for???

    Thank you to anyone who can illuminate me further

    (by the way, now a big fan of the player – although it’s slightly bigger and slower than an iPod, it certainly more than makes up for it in looks, battery life and sound quality)

  27. Richard Brunton Reply

    Hey guys.

    Just to check, are you running this version of SonicStage, the CP version?

    SonicStage :

    If not, get it. This has much better functionality for Artist Link on the application. While I’m watching the display change I can assign the artist to new categories. Sure a lot of them don’t come preloaded, but I prefer that rather than having them lumped in Pop-Male-Single-Gay-Contemporary-Hardcore-Handbag or some such rubbish.

    You have two panes on the bottom of the screen, left hand side you can see the artist playing and right hand side the categories in the Artist Link. Just add them as they are playing, and to go to the currently playing artist, just click the name on the Artist Link graphic window. It’s pretty easy and you can add new categories.

    I play the music on SonicStage while I’m writing and every now and again pop back to check the artists.

  28. Richard Brunton Reply

    Here’s another Artist Link setting I just happened upon.

    From >Tools>Options>Transfer Mode Settings

    Select >Advanced>Intelligent Features

    I have “Use Intelligent Features” selected and “Transfer after getting release year and data like Artist Link” both selected. Have you?

  29. Emilio Reply

    Hi there.

    I´m from Spain and my English is no good. Sorry.

    I have Sony NW A-3000 and Connect player… but now I´ve installed sonicstage and I have problems to import a CD. Connect player rocognose the CD inmediatly the same with Windows Media Player, but the Gracenote aplication of the sonic stage there is some problems.

    When I try to obtein CD information appear a message that said I need to be registred in gracenote… when I press Yes nothing happen.

    Do you know what i have to do? I´m just format my computer and I no want to write all the tracks manually!!!

  30. H Reply

    Hi, hope you can shed some light on the latest problem I have had with my MP3…here is a copy of the email I just sent to the sony help staff…

    I am writing about my MP3 device the Sony NW-A3000 Walkman, which I have owned for about a year. I was listening to some music on it yesterday and the music stopped. When I looked at the facia it couldn’t recognise the names of any of the music on that album – the band, album name, song title etc were all listed as ‘none.’ While the battery was very low I have never encountered this problem before. Eventually it seemed to freeze up so I switched it off. When it came back on I tried to search the menu and it said there were no files on the device whatsoever, this despite there previosuly being about 4000 song files on it. I am currently charging it and have searched the internet to try and find similar problems by others but can’t find anything… The device is still charging and saying ‘do not disconnect’ so until it is fully charged I cannot see if the files have come back…is this common? Is there anyway to find the files that were originally uploaded? Why have the files been lost?

    I hope you can provide some answers.

  31. H Reply

    My year old NWA-3000 deleted all of my songs yesterday. 4500 songs – gone. This is a failed product.

    Insufficient information. Connect compliant software and transfer information

  32. Richard Brunton Reply

    Sounds like a problem with the hard drive itself. Have you still got the songs on the PC? I would try reformatting it and transferring them again.

  33. Kurt Garner Reply

    Hello, I recently purchased a new pc as the old one has broken, please can you advise if there is any way I can transfer/import the 18gb of songs I have on my A3000 via sonicstage ?

  34. Reply

    I think that you have to connect the walkman to the old PC, remove all the songs from the device to the PC, then transfer them across to the new PC where you can put them back in again. That takes care of the licence counts.

    I think there’s some way of exporting licenced songs to another PC, I’d have to go and look through the manuals to be sure though.

    I take it your original PC is dead and you can’t get access to them?

  35. mica cornell Reply


    My music is on my A3000 and it shows it playing but i can only hear the beeps through my headphones and not the music. I’ve checked that te audio settings are definately on headphones. Could it be the i have normall headphones and not the original ones? Or Could it be that it needs fixing in an electrical shop?

    Any advice or ideas are much aprieciated!!

  36. Martin Reply

    Hi.. can someone help?

    I have the A-3000, I have had it for a couple of years, never had any problems with it, until now. Last week I had trouble with my graphics card, and has a result, I had to restore my computer to its factory settings. I reinstalled the sony cd that came with the walkman, has i have done before when i had a problem, but now CONNECT doesnt seem to recognise my walkman. Due to restoring my computer I have lost my music files on both my WMP and in my library on CONNECT. I still have them stored to my walkman, but i am stuck has how to either get them off to back up, or to get my computer to recognise my walkman. I have never had a problem before, and now I am baffled has to why it doesnt work now. I have tried the updates, but nothing! I really don’t understand, and really could do with some help?!

  37. Reply

    I’ve heard of similar problems and with the CONNECT store gone frankly it’s a complete mess by Sony. They should be more concerned about their existing customers instead of producing new gadgets to try and gain new customers.

    I think if you don’t have the backups from your PC and the music is DRM’d then you’re doomed to having the files on your player and not the PC.

    Of course if you have the legal license somewhere then you could always use a copy!

  38. eileen Reply

    i hav’nt used my connect nwa 3000 for over 6 months the the battery wont fully charge whats the problem

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