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FilmstalkerPage.jpgSome of you will be aware that in late February, after some one and a half years writing for The Movie Blog (as well as being in three audio editions!) I suddenly disappeared. However, I am finally back and have my own site to talk about and discuss Film news, reviews of movies and DVD, discussion with you, the readers, and much, much more to come. Filmstalker has arrived.

It’s taken a while to get ready, actually it almost feels like an eternity, but thanks to some great friends I’ve made it to here anyway. Huge thanks go to Kevin who did some amazing work on the style and layout, and to my friends who gave wads of encouragement and advice on the way. However guys, it’s not over. You need to keep visiting, commenting and telling people about it.

I’ve got big plans for the site, things I could never do in my previous incarnation, but I can’t get these things in place unless the site grows. So there’s lot’s of work ahead of me. In the meantime you can always read what it’s about, or what the site manifesto is.

Then, once you’ve discovered what a cool place it’s going to be, you can start reading and commenting. Plus you can grab yourself an Atom Feed, an RSS Feed, or if you don’t use feeds you could always subscribe by email.

It’s all there. As well as the news and features there’s a categorised reviews section, Feeds direct from some filmmakers sites.

So if you have any interest in film and want to see some great discussions, interesting and timely news, and want a site that will involve the reader, then Filmstalker is the place. See you there.

5 comments on “Filmstalker – My return to film writing”

  1. ghani Reply

    I was wondering where you had gotten off too! So pleased to hear that you’ve got your own site, i’ve duly subscribed!

  2. Simone Reply

    I dont need to tell you that I am there all the time Rich! 😉 Gypsy (my sister) loves your site, now I dont need to nag her to post!

    Again, kudos!

  3. Russell Reply

    Hey Rich,

    What happened with movie blog? No t really expecting an answer but it would be interesting to know. Any ways your new site looks great. I especially like the way the reviews are laid out at the bottom.

    Best Wishes


  4. Richard Reply

    Cheers Russell – spread the word and add me to your regular reading list.

    As for TMB, well, difficult as it is for me not to say anything I don’t feel it would do me any good ranting about it. It’s been a tough time, but at least the site is live now.

    Thanks for the good words about the site…there’s loads still to do and a big plan for a Community of regular readers, so stick with me.

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