O2 turn down customers

I just went into O2 to buy a new phone, and not only that but move from being an Orange customer for over fifteen years, and they told me that they couldn’t process my order because they couldn’t find my address.

I found this extremely frustrating as it was obviously their fault and there I was ready to spend cash with them, guaranteed for the next eighteen months.

I’ve lived at my flat for over a year now, and within about two months we had added ourselves to the Royal Mail postcode database. We were encountering this problem for a good few months as companies failed to update their database from the Royal Mail’s.

There lies the problem, they haven’t updated their database to include my address, which means they haven’t updated their database in over a year.

Then I was told that since my address wasn’t on the system then I couldn’t have a credit check carried out. I would have to wait until their Manager added me to the system, and that would take two weeks. Rather than give me a reference and a number to call back I was just told to call back in two weeks. A typical fob off.

What made this more frustrating is that my girlfriend is an O2 online customer, and to clear up any confusion she does live at the same address and gets her bills delivered to our home. Yes, that same address O2 say doesn’t exist!

Why isn’t that address showing on their system? They have a customer already living there! Why couldn’t they carry out a credit check with, as they said they would, my full Bank details? Surely that combined with my American Express card would be enough? If not, what about proving I work for one of the largest financial organisations, and they do their own credit checking, employees aren’t even allowed to overdraw without permission.

O2 obviously have some messed up internal systems and just don’t want my money or my girlfriend to stay as a customer.

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  1. Lee Reply

    Welcome to the world of new builds.

    Direct Line – could not get a quote after 3 years, the online system said I had made an error with my postcode and for me to correct it. Admiral got the business that year.

    Postcodes and full postal addresses are determined LONG BEFORE a single brick is laid, the builder informs the Post Office of individual properties within that postcode that are completed for the individual address to come live within the PAF. I know of one builder who submitted the the properties long before completion, and the new owner (personal friend of mine) was greeted on his date of entry with over half a dozen threatening letters from the TV Licence taxman.

    Ours was done by the book. As we moved in it was a few days before our number appeared under our postcode on Royal Mail’s checker. And then only the completed houses were there. As the rest completed they appeared in good time too. So if our builder could get it right, and the PAF was updated too, then why can’t companies get themselves in order?

    It is frustrating when companies don’t update their PAF. Especially as these are so cheap, updated DAILY, and provided by whatever channel you care to want. List price is £1,200 for 12 monthly updates (+VAT) – a small prce to pay, even before negotiation.

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