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I’m sitting here taking a well deserved break from film writing and site marketing, things I’ve been doing manically for the past week and a half, and enjoying a nice Balvenie. It’s not just to take a break from Filmstalker mind you, it’s also to recover from being interviewed on e-learning futures.

Well, when I say interviewed, I think I more rambled off topic and ranted about many things under the sun, with the agenda going out the window in the first few minutes…but interviewed none the less.

Kineo are a relatively new e-focused learning company who offer more than just development of learning. They offer consultancy and advice, and are looking forward in the e-learning market when so many companies seem to be focussed on catchy new titles for doing the same job as before, or talking at great length about e-learning that’s years away from being adopted in major organisations.

So for some reason, with the news that I was becoming more and more involved in looking at more strategic e-learning in my organisation, they asked to interview me. Stupidly I agreed. It was at this point, after I agreed, that I decided to listen to some of their other audio interviews, and discovered that they were interviewing serious e-learning professionals who were clear in their thoughts, well spoken, concise, and did something I don’t, stuck to the topic. I should have known then it was a bad idea.

Still, I did it, and I’m awaiting the announcement of when it will go live over at their Audio Download page. Stephen, who interviewed me, was kind enough to say that it was very interesting and enjoyable…I’m not so sure and we’ll await the outcome once it is live.

It’s only now that I’m realising how much I missed out, and what I should have talked about. While I ran amok on Information Aggregators I’ve realised that I didn’t talk about them pulling in information from your LMS or your Performance Management system, etc…Oh there is so much I missed out.

That’s my problem though, my thought process isn’t organised at all when I get onto a topic I really have a passion in and I’m being encouraged to talk about. It’s like a little Social Network diagram – damn, forgot that too! – and my brain just leaps from thought to thought. I’m often apologising in meetings for being such a random thinker and speaker, so much so I tend to deliberately listen…anyway, here I go again!

So, I’ve sold that so well I’m sure you’ll want to go listen to it! Hopefully Stephen will drop a note when it’s live. Perhaps even a comment on the site.

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