Richard Brunton interviewed

Unbelievably the Kineo, the e-consultancy that interviewed me just the other day, have actually posted the interview online. Frankly I’m stunned, genuinely.

After I had finished the interview I thought how much I had rambled on, wandered off topic and not to mention the amount of things I thought of afterwards. “Damn, I wish I had said that!”, my entire mind map went out the window as soon as I started stalking!

Anyway, the interview is cut and now live over at Kineo’s interview page.

I like the way Stephen, the guy who interviewed me, summaries some of the interviews. My favourite title from the series is Part 4: Blogging: It’s not about “tonight I had some chips..”, or What is it about the iPod? Stop obsessing, people…

Blimey, I don’t half rant. I must also learn to be slightly more coherent when I talk and sound less like my Father! Mind you, actually listening to it I’m a bit surprised I have some good things to say…some that is!

Have a listen, and get back to me with some comments. I’d be very interested to know what some (more professional) e-learning people think…and non e-learning people too!

3 comments on “Richard Brunton interviewed”

  1. Simone Reply

    Listened to it all, I thought you were great Rich, what were you worried about? 😉

    I have a few queries. As you know I work for an NHS trust, in what way do you see this e-learning evolving and taking shape in the NHS you think? As part of my job description, we do annual updates for all members of our staff (nurses, doctors mostly) theyre easy to get hold of on induction dates but with great difficulty on the updates which is done yearly. Recently the DoH has released an Infection Control training package which will be accessed via our hospital intranet page and possibly also on the hospital website so staff can access it at home, is this also something you can class as e-learning?

  2. Patrick Hadfield Reply

    Sorry… No MP3 player, so I can’t do podcasts!

  3. Richard Reply

    Ah Patrick, you should be able to listen to them straight from the website.

    Simone, any learning that is delivered through an “e” channel could be classed as e-learning. That’s through the computer, on a PDA, phone, iPod, etc.

    Sounds like that sort of setup is ideal for e-learning. If you have a group of people that are in different locations and are not likely to have the same times free, sounds ideal. It’s also a huge cost saver, especially if the learning is repeated.

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