The Police inaction on a reported crime

On the fourteenth of November 2005 I wrote about how I reported an incident to the Police where I was forced off the road and into a wall by a truck while I was cycling. It passed within centimetres of my arm and I was lucky not to be hit or dragged underneath.

I received a Captor Number commonly known as an Incident Number, which would ensure the details were followed through.

Four months have now passed and I have had no contact from the Police.

Perhaps their focus is on such things as increasing revenue and capturing speeding drivers with their increased mobile speed camera presence – the story from the BBC.

Mobile speed cameras will be monitoring Edinburgh’s roads for 12 hours a day over the summer…

…Colin McNeil, Lothian and Borders Police safety camera partnership manager…said: “We really don’t want to catch people speeding, we are here to make roads safer.

I suppose it’s easy with video evidence, to prosecute a driver after four months for driving a cyclist off the road is perhaps too difficult. This would show as an unsolved case on the figures when they are reporting at the end of the month.

Councillor Andrew Burns, Edinburgh Council transport leader, said road safety measures had reduced the number of people dying or being injured on the streets of Edinburgh.

How about protecting the cyclists and prosecuting those who break the Road Traffic Act? There are many stories from cyclists at my work who have had similar experiences. Some have not bothered to report the crime, and some who did have either been told there’s nothing that can be done, or not contacted.

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  1. Simone Reply

    When I was reading this post I remembered that Seinfeld episode in Season 1 ( “The Robbery”) when Jerry’s flat was also burgled and they took most of his stuff, he asked the police if they ever catch anybody and the police says no.

    My flat was burgled in February, nothing taken mind you and the police were here within the first half hour after calling 999. A couple of days later I also receive what you call as the incident number but have not heard anything from them. The Seinfeld spiel rings so true that if you want to get some action if something happens to you, get the police involved, but how far would they really go?

    I couldnt say I was dissatisfied with the service, I just wasnt expecting much, since none was taken, nobody harmed, but your concerns are legitimate.

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