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One of my good friends Dave really got me going on photography. I got my Nikon F50s on his recommendation and I never looked back, then he pointed me to slide film, then digital, and each time my results just got better and better. Yet whatever the advice I get and whatever the equipment I can’t even come close to the stunning shots Dave produces again and again.

His site is well worth a look for some superb photos, and to boot he’s a great guy. Just needs a little push to start thinking about selling his photos…

Check some of them out at his photoblog called Offwhite.

2 comments on “A great photography site”

  1. Dave Morrow Reply

    Ach well thanks Rich, very kind of you.

    I’ll get a ‘for sale’ sign up once I’ve finally settled on the type of prints I want to do. I’m never happy enough with my own work to sell them to someone else.

  2. Lee Reply

    Did you know if you put Nikon F50s in Google, this page comes up FIRST?

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