Working on Filmstalker

That’s my life at the moment. When I’m not working, I’m living and breathing Filmstalker, and do you know what? I’m loving it.

This weekend I just survived Dead by Dawn, the Horror Film Festival in Edinburgh that is running into its thirteenth year, and doing superbly well as it happens. I spent ages there, all night in fact on one day, and many hours the rest of the weekend. You can read all about the first two days over at Filmstalker.

So it’s been going great. Someone told me what figure I would be lucky to break in my first year, I broke it within my first week, and the second month I’ve double my first. It’s going really well. People are coming, reading and starting to comment too, and that’s what matters and that’s what makes it so good.

There are, of course, things that don’t make it so good, and I’ve talked about them before. Yet the negativity doesn’t just come from other film sites, bloggers and advertisers, it comes from filmmakers too.

In an article Michael Mann, whose films I really enjoy watching, has spoken out about the controversy concerning his latest production on Miami Vice. From IGN:

Mann also dismissed the tabloid buzz that has dogged the film’s arduous production. “We’re in the era of bloggers, and people can make stuff up. I just don’t worry about it.”
Michael Mann, Director

Ah, I see. So the implication is that none of the press were saying anything negative, just bloggers, and it doesn’t matter anyway since bloggers make things up. They never get their stories from news sources and credit them, oh no.

I think Mann you’ll find that the very people who are trying to be nice to you and interview you at every press junket are the ones who started these stories, those people and of course people from your own set. By pushing out such negativity you’re burning your bridges with the largest growing source of independent news we’ve ever seen, and a source which a huge population is reading and listening to. Who do you think IGN are when they interviewed you?

Doh. You should work for my organisation, you’re as short sighted as they are.

4 comments on “Working on Filmstalker”

  1. Dave Morrow Reply

    That’s a great job on the numbers Rich. Keep it up mate – great to see you doing well. Although I am dreadfully jealous about the Dead By Dawn Festival..

  2. Simone Reply

    Happy for you and happy for Filmstalker. I was just going to say, in one of your posts you really gave it to the guy, I cant blame you!

    Nice to hear you still love what youre doing Rich.

  3. Filmstalker Widow Reply

    I’m a Filmstalker widow…does anyone have anything I can do to fill my days?

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