An example of backwards organisations

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  1. Louise

    I hear you! I don’t know if it’s limited to financial organisations or large companies in general. Knowing the organisation you are talking about it is extremely frustrating.

    Things are done the way they always have been, and it takes a lot for that to change. When it comes to new technology or a new way of doing things it’s almost like they are scared to try it incase it doesn’t work out. Well guess what it might just work, but you have to get up and put it in place before you find out. As we know though by the time it’s been through three committees and a steering group technology has moved on. Surely someone like yourself who can spot these things and then implement them in the bank would be useful, but instead they give you mundane work to do. That can’t be the best use of your talents, which then leads to an unhappy worker. If only they knew…..

  2. Patrick

    And this surprises you why?

    …Plus ├ža change!

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