An Inconvenient Truth

During the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year I was lucky enough to see the documentary An Inconvenient Truth starring Al Gore, the rightful President of the United States of America. I was shocked and moved to tears, not at Gore being pushed out of the Presidential elections, but at the harsh reality portrayed in the documentary.

No conspiracy theories here, there’s facts and undisputed figures, the shocking truth that we’re on the brink of self destruction and the fact that the US are doing everything they can to refute these facts.

I’ll be reviewing the film pretty soon on Filmstalker, but I just had to write something up quickly in an attempt to make as many people aware of this film as I can.

The worldwide release of the film is happening between the start of September and mid November. UK release date is 15th September and there is no scheduled US release, you’ll understand why when you see the film.

Al Gore: I’m Al Gore, I used to be the next president of the United States.

[laughter and applause from audience]

Al Gore: I don’t find that particularly funny.

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth

Gore is a great public speaker, I was very impressed, and mixed with the casual conversation as he discusses how he started on this quest and how it relates to him personally. Some of this is incredibly moving, but what has the most impact is his no spin, factual presentation of the evidence of how our world is being affected.

During the presentation he uses time lapse photos, incredible scientific fact (not future figures, figures from the past) and hammers his points home hard. The images are startling and incredibly shocking. What he then does is look at the arguments against the entire argument, arguments that are coming from the US Goverment.

Gore blows them away. Totally. There’s not a single shred left blowing in the wind, and when he does that he then tells us who the US Goverment chose for their lead on the environment, a man who had worked with the petrochemical industry for many years prior. Then, when he was sacked for a leaked memo which showed him (with no scientific training) censoring and rewriting scientists statements, he rejoined a petrochemical company.

I’m not going to sit here and respout facts, mainly because it’s the time lapse images and graphs that power home Gore’s powerful message, that and the personal slant that is weaved by the filmmakers. Gore also takes time at the end of the film to show what little differences can actually make to the dire situation we’re facing, even without major corporation or Goverment changes.

If you have any feelings in your heart, any children, or friends and family with children, this will strike a chord with you. You have to watch it and realise what’s happening, as well as what little differences can do.

You have to see this film, and for more details on what’s going on around it, see Climate Crisis which has been built off the back of the film.

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  1. Richard Brunton Reply

    Not at all, when you see the facts and figures presented, and I mean historical facts and figures not projected, and then when he addresses all the standard arguments that are thrown up against this issue, you are amazed.

    Not alarmist at all, in fact he should be applauded for bringing this to people when so many others are hiding it.

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