Edinburgh International Film Festival 2006

Well the 60th Edinburgh International Film Festival begins tomorrow for the Press anyway, and I almost have my press credentials to begin this years madness.

Somehow I’m going to try and see forty eight films in two weeks, now that is every day so it averages about four or five a day…dear me, it’s going to be busy.

However, let me go back to that comment, almost have my credentials, because again today it struck me how small minded and seemingly poorly organised the Film Festival is.

For the 60th EIFF, the longest running Film Festival in the world, with the word International in the title, this was the first day the Press Office was open. Tomorrow the press screenings start at 09:30. So how long was the Press Office open for? Three hours.

I arrived about 15:30 to collect my press pass and updated press screenings list at the delegate centre which was filled with piles of junk and looked in a state of assembly. I asked for my details, “sorry, the Press Office is closed. It closed at three”.

I asked if I could at least receive my pack, after all surely it would just be filed under Filmstalker or Richard Brunton. No, she pointed to the Press Office desk along from the three ladies who were sitting staring at me, “as you can see there’s no one there”. I obviously didn’t realise searching through alphabeticised files was such a specialist role.

Perhaps I could get an updated list of screenings to make sure the ones tomorrow were still all as expected? “No. That’s the Press Office. You’ll have to come back tomorrow. They open at 08:30.”.

Great, so I’ll head over first thing, hope I can get my hands on my Press details, then as I race over to the first screening hope that they haven’t changed any times or showings at the last moment. As if they have they’ll only announce it on pieces of paper handed out at the Press Office desk.

I have to wonder why the Press Office of the world’s longest running International Film Festival was open only for three hours on the first day, the day before the packed schedule of screenings begins.

Oh well. Wasted journey. Perhaps tomorrow they might be open and have everything ready.

For a listing of the forty eight screenings I’m attending, have a look at Filmstalkers EIFF 2006 schedule on Calendar Hub, and for reviews of all the films (quick ones posted the same day as the press showings) see the Filmstalker EIFF 2006 Page.

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  1. Simone Reply

    Was she being smug? I hate it when they are.

    48 films in 2 weeks, you’ll need fresh cucumbers to put on your eyes overnight Rich!

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