EIFF Day One, Screenings Four

It all started a lot better than yesterday’s fiasco, with the arrival at the Press Office bang on 08:30 and finding them already open and waiting.

My information and pack were obtained within seconds by a group of ladies who were quite nervous, perhaps they thought I was someone important! The pack was good this year, with the usual pieces of information in a nice canvas bag with a pen and balloon. Always handy.

Since the EIFF were so efficient this morning I headed off to Cineworld early and watched some staff using a portable crane to put posters up on top of the inside of the cinema. Then watch the arriving delegates for the 9am showings…which never seemed to happen.

Now I’m sitting waiting for the first film to begin, the first of the festival, of 48 films in 13 days (full schedule). Yes, I am mad and I will be very tired. Many thanks to my boss for giving me the time off work. Next year, as a warning, I intend to try and get to another festival as well as the EIFF…the request will follow!

Here’s to the festival, and here’s to all of you who are planning on seeing some movies. Keep a watch on the EIFF page of Filmstalker for the latest updates, quick reviews on the day of the press screenings and full reviews…well…later!

Today’s reviews are My Country, My Country, Palimpsest, The Flying Scotsman and Love Sick, and you can see the quick reviews now over on the EIFF page of Filmstalker.

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