EIFF Day Seven, Screenings One

Well I was supposed to go and see four films today starting about 09:45, but unfortunately an early morning finish from writing and an early start to get more done resulted in a splitting migraine.

For those of you who aren’t migraine sufferers they can be intense, and I ended up with these horrible brightly coloured shapes moving across my vision and they came and went for a good while.

So there was no way I could make the first two films of the day, and I was so shattered I missed the third too for a wee sleep. So all that was left was the final showing of the day, Jindabyne with Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney. Superb film and a really nice introduction from Gabriel Byrne.

Back to full on film watching tomorrow. Check out the EIFF 2006 reviews page for the latest films.

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