EIFF Day three, Screenings two

So the third day begins. This morning I had some time before my first screening to get some writing done, unfortunately I used it to write up some news stories instead of doing the review, so I’m a bit behind.

Hopefully the gap this afternoon will help me get out another.

This evening is a public screening of Apart From That which Twitch really would like me to see, but I just don’t know if I’ll make it. Although it’s sold out I might just go and see if I can request tickets on my press pass. With the lowest of the low, a Green Pass, I don’t know if I’ll be able to.

Behind me some press people are talking about the party last night. I believe there are two events to help press and delegates get to know each other. One party is at the beginning of the Festival and another at the end. I’ve attended neither of these before as I feel much of it would be self obsessive, self promotion, and generally a lot of stuck up pompous people. I could be entirely wrong of course…maybe next year.

I managed to get some good writing time and post a couple of reviews, as well as answer emails as I sat in the Cameo bar taking advantage of their free WiFi connection. A practice that every bar, coffee shop and similar store should offer.

Catch the day’s quick reviews, soon to be fully written up, for Them (Ils) and Empire of Africa over at the EIFF 2006 page, or head straight to the Festivals page.

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