My mate Lee gives birth!

Huge congratulations to Lee and his MOTS (his words for Mother of the Son) as they’ve just given birth to their son. This is fantastic news, especially if you know Lee and MOTS, they are going to make excellent and very proud parents.

Lee is a great friend and I’m hugely excited for him and his MOTS. Meanwhile some great guy has managed to persuade Lee to start his own blog and write about the entire experience, and you can follow them on his Alder’s Tone.

Lee’s a fab writer and hopefully he’s still going to have time to give everyone updates as their lives move on.

Well done again you three, the pictures are wonderful and we’re all dead excited for you bunch.

4 comments on “My mate Lee gives birth!”

  1. Lee Reply

    Hey, thanks Rich! If you ever come across that great guy who got me started then give him a big sloppy kiss will ya?

    Can’t believe you got a post up on the day Ripley was no longer – not even I managed that and I’m Iain’s dad!

    Thanks again – you trying to get me all mushy here?

  2. Richard Brunton Reply

    No apologies required Lee, it was a great break. I still have some reviews to get back to which I should finish by the weekend.

    You look wonderful with your kid. Almost a completely different guy, and not in a bad way I hasten to add.

  3. Lee Reply

    Keep yourself up to date with the pics on (/ripley is no longer), same username & password as before. I love the expression on Uncle Richard’s face. Even Auntie Zoe’s got that “where do we get one of these” looks.

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