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I’d just like to send our best thoughts out to Richard Hammond who, it’s been recently reported, has been airlifted to Leeds hospital after an accident while filming for Top Gear.

Hammond was racing in a jet-powered car on an RAF airstrip, according to the BBC, filming for the BBC’s long running series Top Gear, that superb car show that has had new life breathed into it since adding two new presenters, James May and Richard Hammond.

For me though, it’s Richard Hammond that provides some of the best entertainment, and who is always willing to do anything with cars for the show.

Reports seem confused with some crew who were present stating that after the jet-powered car overturned he walked from the crash to the ambulance, however, police on attendance say that he was trapped in the vehicle and an Ambulance Service spokesperson says that he was unconscious when they arrived. What is known for sure is that he is in a critical condition at Leeds General Infirmary and the spokesperson there says that he is “critical”.

Here’s to Richard Hammond who is most definitely our Steve Irwin of the car world. Get well soon, and get back on that track.

Update over the page…

Fantastic news that so quickly Hammond has been talking to his family and friends, stood up and started walking about, and is now in a general ward. It remains to be seen yet if there’s any lasting injury, as brain injuries can often not be noticeable until well after the accident.

Interestingly there are two things in this story I’ve found to talk about. First is the amazing response in the form of donations to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, already they’ve managed to get £130,000 (according to the BBC). Now that is fantastic, but is it all just going to the one Air Ambulance service? I would really like to see it spread out around other needy Air Ambulance services.

The second thing I was thinking about is the part of the BBC story that talks about the postponement of the Best of Top Gear series indefinitely, and the delaying of the new series. Now I understand the postponement of the new series, but the Best of? I’m sure that Hammond would rather the series kept showing, and I understand if he was still in a serious condition.

Regardless of these it’s great that he’s doing so well. He’ll be back in the car before we know it.

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