Sky Showbiz forget Scotland and Ireland

Once again the English prove there’s no life outside England as a statement online at Sky Showbiz:

In Britain we’re gearing up for the new smoking regulations which come in to force in 2007.

In case you weren’t aware, lighting up a ciggy in enclosed places such as pubs and clubs will be banned – we like to keep you informed.

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Well thanks for keeping us informed, but if you’re in Ireland or Scotland (like me) you already have a smoking ban in enclosed public places. Just to keep you guys informed Scotland is part of Britain.

Now if you were referring to Britain as in Great Britain, that is just Scotland, Wales and England, if you were referring to Britain as in the United Kingdom of Great Britain then that also includes Northern Ireland.


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  1. Lee Reply


    Does nothing for the Anglo-Scot relationships. Except play into the hands of Cameron who has recently used exactly this for a cheap comment to try and get Scottish voters to put the cross against his shiny new tree.

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