Spiders are sneaky…

We live in a newly built house, a mere two years (and a bit) old, and so we’ve not really been bothered with spiders, but it seems that the recent weather has been kind to them and they’ve started moving into our area. Just the other day, during the warm weather, a little one snuck in the window and made a home above my desk. Just to let you know, I used to be petrified of spiders, although I’ve managed to come to terms with that a lot more as I’ve become older.

So I sat there and the spider waved to me over the past few evenings. When I’d sit at the computer I’d notice he was in a different place. I’d blow on the web and he’d move about a bit. So we had a nice relationship. Then, this morning, he goes and spoils it by hiding.

Now I think they know what they are doing, these little spiders, I think they deliberately come into your room, make sure they are noticed for a few days, then scurry off and find a nice place to hide knowing full well that the human they’ve made themselves known to is now worrying where in the hell it is.

I think the spider is now sitting there rubbing it’s legs together and grinning like the Hannibal Lector of the arachnid world. He knows that he’s just lulled me into a false sense of security and that now I’m sitting there uncomfortably, wondering where in the hell he’s scurrying about, and if he is growing to record breaking size, biding his time to leap out, encase me in thread, and slowly ingest me.

Spiders. They’re sneaky creatures indeed.

9 comments on “Spiders are sneaky…”

  1. Louise Reply

    Arrrghh. I hate spiders, as soon as I see one I have to sort it out, or like you end up wondering where it is going to show up. I won’t go into the details of “sorting it out” incase there are any animals lovers out there.

  2. Lee Reply

    I remember being called out on a mercy mission to rid a spider that had Richard backed into a corner, frothing at the mouth it was (the spider, oh and Richard as well). That was a dash across town late at night, couldn’t stop for supper…

  3. Richard Reply

    Oh you have to realise that spider was huge and followed me from Gatwick where spiders are bigger and hop off planes all the time! I was scared!

  4. Mum Reply

    They are not spiders, in my house they look like tarantulas, as Richard will no doubt agree.

  5. Richard Reply

    Honestly Mum, you wouldn’t believe the size of this creature…I’ve never seen a spider this big in the UK.

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