Burgers on the brain at bedtime

As happens nowadays, I go to bed really sleepy but my mind racing at two hundred miles an hour. I have so much work to do with Filmstalker and a real life paying job to attend to, not to mention a wedding to plan and a dwindling social life. So last night I was lying in bed and the most ridiculous thought came to mind, here’s how it went.

Beefburgers are made of beef, steakburgers are made of steak, chickenburgers are made of chicken, veggieburgers are made of veggie – with me so far? – so why aren’t cheeseburgers made out of cheese?

Oh dear. So I read my book and nodded off to sleep. My mind is a sad place.

3 comments on “Burgers on the brain at bedtime”

  1. Simone Reply

    You forgot to say mushroom burgers!I know of someone who ordered this from McDonalds:

    “Can I get a cheeseburger without the cheese please?” HAHAHA

    Take it easy pal! Hope your weekend plans will energize you.

  2. Richard Brunton Reply

    Weekend plans have just changed…More Filmstalker work, however this time there’s something exciting to be had. Shan’t tell you, but this is perhaps the biggest moment for FS. Oh will you be excited when you hear!

  3. Simone Reply

    Oh this is just wrong, something will happen big time to Filmstalker and you wont tell me??? This is WRONGGGGG!!!

    I’ll be patient, I do like surprises!

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