Tesco’s deliver rotten fruit

I just received a shopping order from Tesco’s and I saw the most disgraceful sight. You know I’m very keen on online shopping, mainly because I hate going into the superstores and battling with people who just idle about and come to a dead stop right in front of you blocking the entire isle. I can see why people don’t like online shopping too.

The clementines we received were, well, there’s no other word I can think for it other than pathetic. Have a look at the full story for the photo of the clementines.

Seriously, can you believe the state of those? I have to say that usually there’s not a great problem with the delivery. Every three or four you’ll get something that isn’t in such good condition, I mainly avoid this type of thing by adding notes saying “> 3 days best before” and such, but I’ve never had anything this bad. The rotten juice was dripping out the bottom, why didn’t anyone notice?

They are about to receive an email…as soon as I get this live of course.

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  1. Simone Reply

    Oh dear! Look at that!

    This post of your reminds me of a Seinfeld episode where Kramer laments on how horrible the melons were that Jerry bought from the supermarket – it’s hilarious, in case you havent seen it yet. 😀

    But buying fruit is a gamble more so when doing it online, it’s not so much the same as buying it in person where you can feel the texture of the fruits, smell it, and scrutinize it as much as you wish.

  2. Louise Reply

    Man that’s bad. They’d better give you some compensation for that. Some free beer perhaps???

  3. Richard Brunton Reply

    Yeah but it’s not like I have a special ability to pick fruit, it’s common sense. If it’s mouldy and dripping with rotten juice, throw it out. The customer will not want it.

    Free beer!

  4. pablo Reply

    hahaahah, the reason you received the fruit is obvious. You must have encountered the line of people who couldn’t be bothered.


    1. fruit is picked and frozen(or kept very cool(not the cool like batman either)

    2. fruit is transported from country of origin(i mean greenhouse of origin)

    3. fruit is moved from fridge to warehouse to shelf

    4. fruit realises it has been handled badly and starts getting miffy(or moudly)

    5. fruit is picked by a overworked staff member rushing to get through their order as its coffee time

    6. fruit is delivered by a driver who just wants to get home

    7. you open the bag and are the first person to actually look at the fruit

    Jokes aside, i used online shopping when i was in the uk and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread(2 for 1 at asda) and 99% of the time the produce was a good selection, considering the person choosing is doing it for somebody else. THe selections were sometimes wrong on my part, like order a kg of spinach by mistake and you soon realise why popeye has funny looking arms.

    Depending on who you ordered from will mean free stuff or at the very least a refund. Thats one thing the uk beats the aussies at hands down. You can return anything and get a refund. I have tried returning stuff over here and been shown the “sign” that says “Please choose carefully as we don’t normally allow goods to be returned.” That only works Mister if i don’t stand in your shop making my voicer progressively louder until i get a refund.

    Simple quantum physics. Lotsa noise = get what you want.(hang on, isn’t that what 2yr olds do? might explain my character a bit more then)

  5. Richard Brunton Reply

    Seriously Pablo, is there no backup for the customer in Aussie? Have you no Sales of Goods Act equivalent? Wow, I would have a field day down there!

  6. pablo Reply

    There is very little in place for the customer over here(not including k-mart). But i think the signs are there as a deterent.

    I have yet to have a major problem that would mean a serious refund. Its pretty much a case of “thats not our problem”.

    Still waiting back on a fancy glass teapot that had the spout just fall off. Sales person tried to tell me that “its glass therefore it must be your fault”

    Err, look at the spout, there aint no impact whatsoever. Five minutes later and my voice has got progressively louder(not swearing or shouting, just annoyed and louder.) store was a posh one so they soon realised that i was not moving until i was serverd. Thing was, i only wanted a replacement. who knows what i will have to do to get a refund.

  7. Richard Brunton Reply

    Actually I haven’t…I’m so busy with everything else that secondary things like complaining about bad service just don’t get the time…and I find it so fun too!

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