The X-Factor ruined by Walsh?

I am really not a fan of reality shows, but one does get me hooked every time it’s on, and that’s The X Factor. Usually though I lose interest after the auditions are out of the way, because frankly I love seeing some of the complete nutters on the early stages.

This year however, I’ve been hooked by the fact that they’ve found some genuine talent. Yet something is really beginning to tarnish it all for me and detract from what it’s all about, finding new talent. Simon Cowell and most especially, Louis Walsh

First up I have to say that I am usually in agreement with Cowell, he’s honest and straight to the point, and I almost always make the same judgements as he says even before he gets to say them. So when he finds fault with the performances of Eton Road and The MacDonald Brothers I agree with him, and I’m Scottish.

The harmonies of Eton Road are horrendous, especially those high pitched wailing ones, and the MacDonald Brothers are good, but they can’t match up to the level of the rest of the competition this year. I mean Ben, Leona and Ray are just stunningly good.

That aside, it’s the pettiness and childish behaviour of Walsh that is just beyond a joke, and worse still Cowell is rising to it and being just as bad. Last week the war of words between them was just pathetic and something you’d see in the playground, and this week it’s just as bad. Neither of these guys seem to care about their acts and the show and rather their own egos and making each other look bad, their comments on the acts are always about each other and not the acts. I wonder if the stars are wondering why the hell they aren’t concentrating on them.

I think that next series they’ll have to drop one or both of them, or perhaps warn them off this kind of behaviour. Myself, I say get rid of Walsh and his continually antagonistic and childish comments.

2 comments on “The X-Factor ruined by Walsh?”

  1. Louise Reply

    I don’t make a point of watching all of it every week but I usually see most of it. Tonight was just more of those two having a dig at each other. I know they’re competing against one another but they do take it a bit far sometimes. It does come off as childish and pathetic.

    They both seem more interested in their own careers and ego than the poor bunch who have to listen to them moan. I have a feeling even if they weren’t split into groups and put against one another they would still find plenty to argue about.

  2. ghani Reply

    I couldn’t agree more — Louis is driving me crazy every week with his increasingly bizarre comments and just mean-spiritedness. Where rivalry is a good thing, he seems like the guy who isn’t in on the joke of what a bufoon he looks like. how the hell did this do so well in any business, when he seems like the simple uncle who just shouts out non-sequitors at inappropriate moments?

    I’d rather have Paula Abdul than Louis, and that’s really saying something. Blech.

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