Tribeca – Puerto Pollensa

On a recent visit to Puerto Pollensa we were told to go and try this restaurant called Tribeca. It appealed to me because the name had movie connections with the Tribeca Film Festival, and the restaurant looked small and classy inside.

When we visited we hadn’t made a reservation and were greeted warmly. They were busy but there would be a table in half an hour. So we disappeared for a few drinks and came back to a readied table.

Inside the décor is lovely. Warm and inviting, with plenty of dark wood around. Plates and cutlery are stylish and modern, but they don’t overpower the mood of the place.


Solar de Libano Reserva 2000 Rioja


Walnut bread and olives

Spicy tuna fishcake

Grilled Salmon and gruyure rarebit on rye bread


Pork with port and onion and mash great herbs, rye bread thinly sliced on pork

Seabream with creamed leeks and spinach


Knockandhu, Brandy and coffee

Cheese board with homemade chutney


I loved the homemade walnut bread and the tasty destoned olives, these were dangerously good and had me addicted. I fear I may have spoiled my appetite if there had been anymore on the table.

The starters were gorgeous, and to be frank, all the food was. I had the spicy tuna fishcake which was just that. It had a chunky and crispy covering and a gorgeous sauce. Beautifully cooked.

My partner had the grilled salmon and gruyure rarebit. She was initially concerned about these two strong tastes together, but they were lovely and fitted well. If there had been a much larger portion then perhaps it might have become too rich, but it was just perfect.

I then progressed onto the Pork. To be honest I had chosen it because of the lovely sounding mash, but the entire dish was lovely. The pork was tender and juicy and the mash was delicious. I was surprised by the rye bread, and really like the texture and taste it brought to the dish.

However I do wish I had chosen the seabream my partner had. It had these beautiful melt in your mouth potatoes and the creamed leeks and spinach were fantastic. Try as I might I couldn’t persuade her to swap!

The wine was recommened and was lovely. Rich and full of flavour, and we finished it off before we even contemplated a dessert.

My partner couldn’t face any more food and quite frankly neither could I, but there was something that just had to be done, the cheese board. I did too, and it was a great selection of cheeses with a lovely homemade chutney.

Now I know I’ve kept saying gorgeous and lovely throughout but I’m being totally honest saying that it was probably one of the best dining experiences I’ve had, certainly the best at Puerto Pollenca.

It wasn’t just the food and the lovely surroundings though, it was the service. Fast, efficient, always catching when your glass was about ready for a refill, and the perfect amount of attitude mixed with friendliness.

Maureen was the lady who looked after everything at the front of the shop and Kenny, her partner, was the superb chef. The owners were away this evening and apparently helped out front most times, but Maureen was very much in charge of the tables, and it was a perfect setup.

The only tarnish to the evening was when the owners popped in with their friends to have a quick drink and hang around. This totally destroyed the atmosphere for the time they were there, making it feel more like a bar than a restaurant with class. Their friends also had a child with them and it just didn’t feel right.

However they weren’t there for long and the great atmosphere and attitude was back as soon as they were gone.

We polished off our meal with a rather large whisky for me a brandy for my partner, and we were lucky enough to be allowed to stay past closing for another.

I have to say that this is an excellent restaurant with wonderful food and service and it’s such a shame that it isn’t just down the road, or perhaps it’s not because I could see myself heading there everytime we went out for a meal.

I’d heartily recommend this for a fantastic meal out, and to the owners, keep hold of your two best assests Maureen and Kenny.

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