Boots – ‘Tis the Season to be gorgeous

There’s something that tickles me about the new Xmas adverts for Boots that have been running for a little while on our televisions, ‘Tis the season to be gorgeous.

These are the ones are there’s a stunning looking model doing the most typical of Xmas tasks, but she has a gorgeous dress on, wonderful hair and make up and she’s catwalking it up like mad.

My favourites are the model in the bath peeling brussel sprouts, she has such an indignant look on her face, the model with the huge hair, nose in the air, carrying the baby and dragging an Xmas tree down the street behind her, or the really sexy one of the vampish model stuffing the turkey, a few close shots of her giving sexy looks to the camera and her hand rams right up there, then she stares at you menacingly.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can see the complete run through of all the adverts over the page without having to turn on the TV…

I just love those. I think it’s more to do with their attitude as they do they mundane task such as the dishes, filiming the school play and turning the video camera on themselves in the middle of the room, or standing amongst the last minute Xmas shopping rush and looking after number one.

It’s a very clever advert that delivers the message well, gives some fun and cheer, is very Xmas-ee, and also elevates the Boots branding a little. Rather than your local place for drugs and toiletries it’s showing that their cosmetics line is very strong, adult orientated, and can hit up there with the big guns. I love them and always laugh when they come on.

Oh, that is a joy, see the final model love up the switching on of her outrageous Xmas lights, and still she’s the one looking more glamorous! Apparently Boots deliberately wanted an adult orientated advert that would show after the watershed, well they’ve certainly done that. Well done to the agency who made this, it’s superb.

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