Honda adverts make you feel something

The Honda adverts are something special. Whoever they have as their creative company, they should sign a lifetime deal with them, and make sure they keep those intelligent people on the payroll. Or rather they should keep the deal as long as Garrison Keillor is alive.

His voice brings a warmth and feeling of hope and that everything’s going to be alright. There’s always a strong emotional feeling connected with each of the adverts, even those before Keillor was brought on board, and they all target different audiences and yet appeal to so many.

The Geillor song is one of my favourites “Hate something, Change something, Make something better” is such a cool song with such positive and hopeful lyrics. We can’t help singing along when it comes on the telly. It fills you with warmth and happiness…sing I tell you, sing…and just to help you here’s a few of the lines that are particularly lovely.

Here’s a little song for anyone who’s ever hated in the key of Grr

Can hate be good?

Can hate be great?

Can hate be good?

Can hate be great?

Can hate be something we don’t hate?


…Sing it like you hate it

Hate something

Change something

Hate something

Change something

Make something better

Garrison Keillor, Honda Diesel advert

Another superb one is the latest Geillor voiced advert, where the Sony robot walks around the museum looking at the old technology. This time it’s not just the wonderful words and voice of Geillor that’s engaging, it’s the way that robot looks at the objects, considers and climbs the stairs, and then ponders over the spacesuit of the astronaut. Wonderful. It fills me with awe and a feeling of what we could accomplish, if we weren’t too busy destroying everything.

There’s something else they do as well, and there’s where another great advert comes in, they make you feel special to own a Honda, they make you feel proud. The advert where the man leaves his caravan and mounts his tiny Honda motorbike singing “Impossible Dream” gives us just that feeling. As he drives along his vehicle changes to the different Honda figureheads, although for me the very last vehicle doesn’t quite make sense, I thought we might have flipped to the Honda jet. However, a cracking advert and as it passes the minute mark there’s my baby…

Then they have adverts that are just plain clever. There’s that first one I saw during a Formula 1 race which just amazed me. The advert where all the car parts work like a domino chain. It’s genius, it’s real, and it took an absolute age to setup.

The latest advert which sells Honda that’s just plain clever and engaging is the choir advert. I’d love to think that this is entirely real and setup just like the above advert, but there’s something that makes me think that they perhaps relied on a few audio effects. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

Exceptional. There are some extremely talented minds behind these adverts that’s for sure.

The Honda adverts tell us that yes, we can change the bad things in the world and make them better. Without a doubt they have some of the best adverts on telly right now.

5 comments on “Honda adverts make you feel something”

  1. ghani Reply

    A really well thought-out post, Richard! I’d always liked those ads but never really put them all together in my mind. Thanks!

  2. pablo Reply

    I just recently bought a subaru, but the only reason i ended up buying it over the honda was the weight distribution and the all wheel drive.

    It was neck and neck with accord for a long time. And i can tell you that when i was test driving the honda i had the impossible dream music in my head and imagined i would be off the niagra falls at any minute.

    Now thats quality advertising.

  3. Lee Reply

    It’s free if you talk to me nicely 😉 I can Bluetooth it over next time we meet up.

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